Unit 3, Grammar

Grammar  (download)

  • Join the sentences, using the words in brackets. You may leave some words out or add some if necessary.
  • His upstairs neighbours had a noisy party. He managed to get some sleep. (despite)

 He managed to get some sleep despite his neighbours’ noisy party._______________

  • He came home from school. He went to see his friend. (after)

  • The ice cream at the seaside was delicious. The strawberry one was the best. (especially)

  • The office was closed. The staff were all ill. (due to)

  • I went to school. I had a headache. (although)

  • Leave the room. Turn off the lights. (before)

  • She was walking through the woods. She heard a noise. (suddenly)

  • I’ve had a penfriend for ages. We’ll meet this summer. (at last)

  • We had dinner. We went to bed. (then)

  • Complete the sentences. Use the past simple or the past continuous.

The White House is thought to be among the most haunted houses in the world. It is said that the ghost of Abraham Lincoln often visits it. A young clerk describes his experience:

“When I 1__came__ (come) into a bedroom there 2_______________ (be) a man there. He 3_______________ (sit) on the bed and 4_______________ (take) off his boots. He 5_______________ (look) like President Lincoln. I 6_______________ (try) to excuse myself but I 7_______________ (can / not) open my mouth. I 8_______________ (can / not) move either. While I 9_______________ (stand) there, paralyzed with fear, he 10_______________ (stare) right through me. It 11_______________ (seem) like ages. Suddenly, he 12_______________ (stand up) and 13_______________ (disappear). I 14 _______________ (run) out of the room, panic-stricken. I 15_______________ (have) terrible nightmares for a long time after that.

  • The ghost of Kate Penfound can be quite talkative. Complete her story. Use the present simple, the present continuous, the past simple or the past continuous.

“When I 1__visit__ (visit) my home, Penfound Manor, I often 2_______________ (stay) in my old bedroom. I 3_______________ (use to) enjoy being there when I 4_______________ (be) alive.

If I 5_______________ (get) restless during my nightly visits, I 6_______________ (walk) up and down the stairs. The third step from the top always 7_______________ (make) a creak and the sound 8_______________ (disturb) the residents. Last week, when I 9_______________ (go) down the stairs, someone 10_______________ (start) to scream in one of the bedrooms. It 11_______________ (scare) me to death.

Today I 12_______________ (sit) here in my window seat. Everyone in the house 13_______________ (sleep) peacefully and 14_______________ (dream) about something nice.

John never 15_______________ (enter) the house. He 16_______________ (prefer) walking in the garden. We 17_______________ (meet) my father at least once a year – on April 26th. Our lives 18_______________ (end) on that day in 1694. John and my father 19_______________ (fight) fiercely so I 20_______________ (step) between the two of them to make them stop. My father 21_______________ (injure) me and soon we 22___________ (be) all dead.”


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