Unit 3, Reading

 Reading (download)

Read the text and do the exercises.

Philanthropists who are children

Some people are afraid that the children today only think of themselves and don’t care about other people’s pain. I believe we should have more trust in them. There are some great children out there, doing marvellous things. Not everybody can get on the list of the greatest child philanthropists, but it’s important to do what we can when people around us need our help.

Cameron Cohen was 11 years old when he had surgery on a bone tumour. It took him 10 months to recover. He couldn’t do much. In that time, he learned software development. He was very good at it. He designed a drawing program called ‘iSketch’. It brings him quite a lot of money. Cameron donates a part of it to buy electronic and entertainment items for other children to enjoy during their stay in hospital.

Phoebe Russel was five when she took part in a community service project at her kindergarten. Children of that age usually do something simple to collect money for a local charity. But Phoebe decided to raise $1,000 for the San Francisco Food Bank, an organisation that provides food to the homeless. Phoebe asked people to leave soda cans and donations at school. Her appeal touched many people and their response was great. Phoebe soon raised $3,736.30, enough for 17,800 heated meals.

Timothy Hwang and Minsoo Han were only 14 years old when they started Operation Fly in 2007.  It is a non-profit making business, completely run by students. They offer tutoring services to students at a reasonable price. The money they earn is used for blankets, clothing and soap for the homeless of Washington DC. Their organization is still active and growing. Timothy Hwang was named the 2009 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mackenzie Bearup is a 16-year-old girl with a rare disease that causes her a lot of pain. She can’t take part in many physical activities and she reads all the time. When she heard about a residential treatment centre that needed books for its library, began collecting books to donate. She collected over 50,000 books for different treatment centres. Nestle gave her their 2009 ‘Best in Youth’ award.

Selling lemonade                                         Soda cans                                                                       Tutoring                                          Homeless men





Photos: Selling lemonade: Rob Marmion / Shutterstock.com; Soda cans: Huguette Roe / Shutterstock.com; Tutoring: Black Rock Digital / Shutterstock.com; Homeless men: Lupoalb68 / Dreamstime.com


  • Match the underlined words from the text with their meanings.


1        recover

2        items

3        a community service project

4        raise

5        donations

6        homeless

7        a residential treatment centre

8        award

a              things you can buy

b              without a home

c               a prize you get for doing something well

d              collect, gather (money)

e              a kind of a hospital

f                a project for the local people

g              the money that people give

h              to get better after an illness



  • Answer the questions. Put a tick (ü) in the right boxes.


Cameron Cohen Phoebe Russell T. Hwang + M. Han Mackenzie Bearup
1        Which of the children help the homeless?      
2        Who helps to buy books for those who need them?        
3        Who helps people in hospitals and similar facilities?        
4        Who started an organisation which now involves a lot of volunteers?        
5        Who is the youngest?        



  • Answer the questions and explain your answers.


  • Do you think people should be worried about the children and young people of today?
  • Can you think of anything you could do to help others?

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