Unit 3, Vocabulary

 Vocabulary (download)

  • Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets.
  • When I was little, I used to talk to an __imaginary__ friend every night before falling asleep. (imagine)
  • My sister has long __________________ with her boyfriend over the phone. Mum is furious, because the phone bill is huge. (converse)
  • “He’s gorgeous!” she gasped __________________. (dream)
  • He was very frightened and it took a while for his __________________ to become normal again. (breathe)
  • The police have found a __________________ man in an abandoned house. (death)
  • The excursion was __________________ organised; no one knew which bus to get on or who to turn to for information. (bad)
  • My granddad had a special __________________ in front of his house where he used to sit and watch the birds. (sit)
  • Do you know about any __________________ houses in Slovenia? (haunt)
  • I was very __________________ when I got home so I made myself a pizza. (hunger)
  • I don’t know many people who __________________ in ghosts. (belief)
  • Match the idioms (1–8) with their definitions (a–h).
1        to sleep on it2        to sleep like a log3        a pipe dream

4        a dream come true

5        to be afraid of one’s own shadow

6        to be a bundle of nerves

7        to make your blood run cold

8        to have the jitters

a        a wish that is unlikely to come trueb        to postpone a decisionc         a realised dream or wish

d        to scare you a lot

e        to be very nervous, tense

f          to be nervous, usually before an important event

g        to sleep very well

h        to be easily frightened or afraid of nearly everything

1 b, 2______, 3______, 4______, 5______, 6______, 7______, 8______


  • Accidents and injuries. Read about Toby’s accidents (1–10) and match them with the consequences (a–j).
  • He was running down the school hallway to be the first in the cafeteria. He completely forgot there was a glass door at the end of the hall and he crashed into it.
  • He was going past a classroom, when somebody opened the door and hit him in the head.
  • He tripped over a classmate’s bag in the classroom and fell.
  • He fell off his bike on a country road. He wasn’t wearing knee pads.
  • He went jogging at 11 am on a very hot day. When he came home he felt extremely unwell.
  • He jumped over a fence in the garden and landed very awkwardly.
  • On a school trip, the coach drove very fast on a winding road.
  • When he was skiing very fast down the slope, he crashed into another skier.
  • When he was eating ice cream on the balcony, he was stung by a wasp.
  • When they went hiking with his class, he wore a new pair of trainers which didn’t fit.
  • He felt very sick and threw up.
  • He had a giant bump on his forehead.
  • He had several blisters on his heels and toes.
  • He had deep cuts on his arms and needed several stitches.
  • Fortunately he didn’t break any bones, but he suffered a mild concussion.
  • His wrists and elbows hurt a lot. Luckily he didn’t bang his head against the radiator.
  • His arm started to swell immediately and he had to see a doctor and get an injection.
  • He badly grazed his knees.
  • He twisted his left ankle.
  • He suffered from sunstroke.

1 d        2______       3______       4______       5______

6______       7______       8______       9______       10______


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