Unit 3, Vocabulary

VOCABULARY (download)

  • Use the words in box B and their opposites to complete the sentences. To make the opposites, use the beginnings in box A and add them to the words in box B.


A                                                                         B

dis-       im-       in-       un-   adventurous       considerate       honest       organised       patient       polite


  • If people are __dishonest__, they don’t always tell the truth.
  • I can’t believe you ate all the chips! What about the rest of us? That was very ________________ of you.
  • I’d like to go rafting or climbing with my best friend, but she is too ________________ for things like that – she’d rather read books or watch TV all day.
  • He’s very ________________. He never forgets to say thank you or hold the door for the person that enters after him.
  • Mary is so ________________! She’s good at making plans, she usually completes her tasks on time, her desk is always tidy and she knows where her things are.
  • Henry swears and yells and never talks nicely to people; he’s so ________________.
  • Nick is very ________________. He’ll never do anything without thinking of others first. He doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.
  • How can you learn anything when you’re so ________________? You never know where your books are and your notes are only half finished!
  • A: Harry had to wait an hour for Paula to get ready for the party. But he didn’t mind waiting at all!

B: He must be very ________________!

  • I’m not very ________________ – I don’t want to paragliding or canyoning. I’d just like a nice vacation at the seaside.
  • A: What’s taking Shelly so long? She’s been at that clothes shop for ages!
    B: Don’t be so ________________! She only went in ten minutes ago. She needs a nice dress for the party on Friday.
  • When Kelly went to secondary school, she was always ________________ about her marks. She never lied to her parents.


  • Look at the words below. Try to make as many new words from them as possible. Use a dictionary. Look at the example to help you.


  • friend: friendly, unfriendly, friendliness, unfriendliness, friendship, boyfriend, girlfriend, befriend, “unfriend” (on Facebook only)
  • kind:    ________________________________________________________________
  • tidy:    ________________________________________________________________
  • popular: ________________________________________________________________
  • happy:    ________________________________________________________________
  • patient: ________________________________________________________________



  • Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets.
  • I’m sorry you had to wait for me. The car wouldn’t start. Thank you for your __patience__ (patient).
  • Roy is so ____________________ (tidy)! He can never find anything on his desk and his clothes are all over the floor.
  • I don’t think ____________________ (popular) is very important. You don’t need hundreds of people who like you. You only need two or three really good friends.
  • ____________________ (honest) is the best policy. Tell your parents what really happened. Perhaps they will be angry at first, but this is the only way to solve the problem.
  • Why are you so ___________________ (mood) today? Did you get out of bed on the wrong side?
  • He is speaking too ____________________ (quiet). I can hardly hear him.
  • She is so ____________________ (fuss)! Nothing anybody does is good enough for her!
  • He’s just joined the athletic club and he wants to go to the Olympics next year! Maybe he’s a little too ___________________ (ambition), don’t you think?
  • Betty was five minutes late and Roger was getting ____________________ (patient).
  • Mandy is really __________________ (forget). She never remembers what she needs to buy.

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