It was the 17th year of my life. The winter that year was freezing. Everything outside looked like a white marshmallow. I just came home from school. My nose was all red and my hands felt like they were going to fall off my body (my hands would have been perfectly fine if i hadn’t forgotten my gloves at home that morning. Well, I kind of left them home on purpose, I mean they were my mum old ones and everyone at school would probably make fun of me for wearing them). I saw my brother was at home, so I decided to spend some time with him. That meant me bugging him, until I get him to do something. I remembered the time when my brother and I used to build snowmen together when I was about 5 and he was 9. Since there was enough snow for at least a few snowmen ( after like 5 years with practically no snow) I pretty much pulled my brother from behind his computer and got him to build a snowman with me (I know building a snowman is quite childish for a 17 year old but I liked it so…). When we got back in the house, my mum just came home from work. She looked like a snowman because she went to her job by a bus (SHE JUST HAD TO TAKE THE BUS… I mean she has a car, my dad bought her for their  anniversary but no… cars pollute the environnment…). I made her warm cocoa and my brother turned on the TV. He put on the ”Home alone” movie. We always watched it on the day before winter hollidays started. It was our little tradition. Then came the weekend, there wasn’t much going on, but then after the weekend on Monday we went shopping for Christmas presents. Christmas was on Wednesday this year and we were planning on celebrating it at my grandmas, just like we did every year but then something horrible happened. It wa a day  before Christmas. My grandmother died!! She was very close to me. I loved her with all my heart and now she was gone… After she died all my familly was quite sad. Our Christmas was ruined. Everyone got better after some time though. Everyone except me, I guess ( maybe I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t okay but I didn’t really care about anyone…all I could think about was my gandma). She was the 1st person close to me that died. I wanted to bring her back, I would do anything to get her back but I couldn’t. Time started passing by fast and all I did was go to school, come back home and then sleep. Spring came and I still haven’t got over grandma’s death. With spring came my 18th birthday. I used to have big birthday celebrations but this year I didn’t have anyone to invite ( I kind of stopped hanging out with my friends after the whole grandma thing…) so I decided I was going to have dinner with my brother ( even thought my birthday was in two weeks time I still decided I was going to spend it with my brother because I loved planning things.

After about a week a new guy came to our school. He was quite cute (at least for me) but everyone started being mean to him and making fun of him. I felt really bad for him because I knew how it feels to be the ”outsider”. It was also his 1st day in a new school and he already probably felt like crap. After school I went to eat lunch behind school to where I always ate it alone in peace. It didn’t look like that would be possibe that day(the new guy was there). I slowly went over to him and sat next to him. At 1st we were quiet and then I just started talking like a crazy human being and making no sense. He wasn’t talking a lot but he still said something from time to time. He was a nice guy, I felt like I could talk to him for hours but there is a thing called time that made me have to leave. Next day my old ”friend” stopped me on a hallway and told me that she saw me talking to the new kid (his name was Joe btw) and she told me that I shouldn’t mess with him because he is kind of a bad guy. She told me he had to leave his old school because he got into a fight almost every day and his grades ”sucked”. She also said that he drinks and sleeps with different girls a lot. I didn’t believe her at 1st but then when I came home from school I checked his facebook profile and I saw many different pictures that made me believe what she told me. I was really sad. I tought he was different…but I guess not. Next day in school I ignored him all day. I wasn’t going to talk to talk to him ever again. We had lunch again and I went to check f he was behind the school. He wasn’t so I sat down there and ate my lunch. After like 5min he showed up. He asked me what was wrong and why was I ignoring him. I grabbed my lunch and tried to leave. He screamed at me to tell him what was wrong so I told him… He expained that that was the old him, that he’s trying to change, that’s why he moved so far away from where he used to live. He said that he needed a new beginning. I sat down again and said:

Me: ”So you really wanna change?”

Joe: ”I’m trying to”.

Me: ”Well, let me help you with that”.



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