My dream

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Every night I go to sleep and every night I have an amazing dream. I fight against dwarfs, evil wizards, trolls, zombies, goblins. I also dream how to drive and how to improve my driving.

Now I will describe one of my dreams. In this description I will drive one of my favourite tracks Lonato. In the beginning of my dream I´m on the track. I´m walking on the track to see if the track is wet or dry and how much grip it has. When I come into the box, my kart is ready to drive, so I put my helmet on and I get in the kart. If it is cold, I do more warm- up laps. I am on the track for 15 min. After the session, a mechanic prepares the kart for later. I have 5-10 min to relax. In the first half of a day I do around 4-6 sessions.

At we have lunch at the track, after lunch we go to our boxes. A mechanic prepares the kart for driving. In the second half of a day the lap times are faster because the track is warmer and there is more grip on it. If I set my best time I´m very happy. That means I have improved a lot and the whole point of the dream is to improve.

FOR the driver it is very important to dream how to drive, when to brake and at the end of the dream he needs to see himself on 1st position or set the best lap time. It’s very important to dream that you have high goals. This is a description of one of my driving dreams 🙂



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