My strange dream

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My strange dream

I had a really strange dream last night. When I was watching TV, I suddenly fell asleep. In my dream I realised that I was flying. I flew through the walls and other things when I finnally came to the street. Then I suddenly landed into the pool full of water. I saw Santa with a gun, who was shooting people who were trying to run away. Then I suddenly appeared on the stadium where my friends were playing football. While they were playing, someone hit the ball and the ball flew away. They asked me to bring the ball, but I couldn’t move. I thought that someone grabbed my legs. Then I finally ran away and I was flying again. I was flying and I saw  the Titanic sinking!  I saw the World War II and I finally landed in one of destroyed towns. It was very dark there. I heard strange voices, people were screaming when I suddenly saw a T – Rex, a dinosaur. I was very scared. It attacked me and I hid in one of the houses, so he couldn get me. When the T – Rex left, I flew away again. I travelled into the space to the International Space Station. When I got there, the people who were working there thought that I was an Alien. So, they chased me, but I quickly disappeared. I finally came to my town and later on I appeared in front of the TV. Then I woke up J




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