A strange dream



I had a really nice dream last night. I was walking to school when I saw Erik  with a  black girl . She was a very nice girl . When Erik saw me he ran fast because he knew who was the boss here. I took the girl to school and everybody was surprised about this.
Later Erik came and said to me ,«Hey,this is my girl« and he showed his six packs to my girl. I just looked him in the eyes and he ran again. Then the headmistress came and said to me :,«You did a good job Rinor. I want to have different nations and different races.”Than the Pop tv came to school and did an interview with me.When I woke up I saw Erik with a new telephone which shows what you dream. He started boxing me. Then he went to his mum and said that he didn’t like me anymore.

by Rinor Hoxha


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