Describing a dream




I had a really scary dream when I was young but I still remember it. While I was sleeping at my dad’s house , I woke up and heard someone going up the stairs and I was really scared. When it opened the door, I saw some kind of an alien or monster, I dont know exactly but it was really small and it had really big eyes and it had spikes on the head like a mohawk. It went towards me but I somehow got past it and went down the stairs to the garage and went out of the house . When I looked through the window of the garage, I saw it staring at me, so I went like 20 meters right because there was the main door. Then I went back and it wasn’t there anymore, so I knew it went through the front door. After that I started running to the river and I saw it running behind me. Then I woke up, but some other day I had the same dream , but it started when I finished the first dream , so  I was still running. I dont remember what happened next and when I woke up my heart was beating really fast.

by JON


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