The Fault in Our Stars


                    The Fault in Our Stars

John Michael Green was born on the 24th of August in 1977. He grew up in Orlando, Florida. At first he started as a you tube blogger, and later became a writer. The fault in our stars is one of his best and most recent works and was published in 2012.  He now lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two children, Alice and Henry Green.

This book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lanchester. She is 17 years old and lives with her parents in Indianapolis. They discovered she has cancer when she was 13 years old. Things weren’t looking good for her back then, but her life went on as normal as it could.

Augustus Waters, called Gus was a cancer survivor. He was a year older than Hazel and was healthy for a year and a half, before things got bad again. He was a handsome young man who because of cancer only had one leg. An Imperial Affliction is a book, written by Grace’s favorite writer Peter Van Houten. In her opinion, he is the only person who knows what it is like to be dying and hasn’t actually died yet.

The fault in our stars could be a love novel, although it isn’t just about love. I think what the author was trying to tell us, is that life isn’t always a wish granting factory.

It all started when Hazel met Augustus Waters at a support group, a group where sick children talk about their feelings. They start hanging out and eventually  they became very good friends. Sparks were included. They shared everything with each other, even their wildest dreams. Hazel told him how she always wanted to meet Mr. Van Houten, who moved to Amsterdam after he wrote The Imperial Affliction. Like all children who had cancer, Gus and Grace had a dying wish. Although Grace already spent hers, Gus did not. He somehow managed a trip to Amsterdam for himself and his favorite girl. But because of Hazel’s health problems, her mom decided to go with them.They only stayed there for three days, but had an amazing time. Though it turned out the author was actually a drunk and not the same man he was when he wrote that novel, the trip was fantastic. There were also many romantic moments there, and the two of them finally got together. When they came home August told Hazel the cancer was back. His health became worse day by day, and they both knew they haven’t got much time left with each other. Augustus Waters died a month later. As he always wanted, he left his scar in this world.

I read The Fault in Our Stars because my friend recommended it to me. She did mention the end of the story which was as Hazel always says “a big spoiler alert”. But reading it was still quite exciting. This was actually the first book I have read before watching the movie and I suggest you do the same. The thing I probably love most about it is that it doesn’t have a happy ending.
The quote from the book that stayed with me is: “Some infinities are just bigger than the others”. I think that author wanted to tell as that even the shortest of moments can be infinite. 🙂

by EVA


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