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Last summer my family and our friends went to Corsica in France. We stayed there for two weeks. The island is big, very hilly, the roads are in bad condition, they are very narrow and winding, but the beaches and nature are beautiful.

We travelled by car to Livorno in Italy and then we got a ferry to Bastia. We drove for six hours. Bastia is a city in the north and there’s main harbour on the island. We had to drive to Sartene, that’s in the southwest part of Corsica. We stayed at a big, beautiful house with a pool for one week. When we unpacked our things, we had a late lunch – which l really love! Every day we went to a different beach. We had to drive by car a lot. One day we went on a boat trip to a small island. It was so beautiful! The only thing l was bothered by was that there were a lot of jellyfish. One burned me too.

One week was over too quickly, so we had to move to another house, which was situated close to Saint – Florent. This is a small town by the sea in the north. On our way to the house, we stopped in the interior of Corsica. There was a deep river, so we swam in it. The water was so clean, that we could see the bottom of the river.

When we came into the house, a small dog appeared at our terrace. He was really funny and sweet. Later we found out that he was our neighbour’s dog  and that his name was Elliot. One day wa went hiking. On the top of the mountain, there was a lake. It was very cold. Once we went to the beach, which is covered with black stones. There were really huge waves. It was quite dangerous. Soon another week was over. We had to go to Bastia again to get a ferry to Livorno.

Those were great holidays, but l just hated that we had to drive all the time. l would like to go to Corsica again, but this time with a camper.

Tia Knez, 7.a



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