My dream holidays – Bora Bora



Last summer my father and I went to Bora Bora. We both had a great time. We stayed there for three weeks. We stayed in a huge house on the beach. The beach was gorgeous. The sea was blue and wonderful. We both love swimming, so we swam every day. But sometimes we did different things too. One day we went swimming with dolphins and another day we were feeding sharks. We both enjoyed it becouse we both love animals. And we went diving because we love the water and swimming too. We saw a lot of underwater plants and underwater animals. Then we had one day for a rest. But another day we were on the beach again  for all day and waiters brought food to us directly on the beach. We slept on the beach for three nights because it was warm. We swam a lot. I went scubadiving  and I saw a lot of fish and starsfish. We ate a lot of tasty food. There were so many tasty fish and all kinds of food! We really enjoyed it. I tasted a lot of interesting and special dishes, also a lot of colorful fruit cocktails. We went to the forest for two days and we saw a lot of orchids and other beautiful plants. In the middle there was a volcano too. We had such a great time and we really enjoyed it. Three weeks passed like a second. We want to repeat our holidays as soon as possible. 🙂

Nika Stojko, 7.a


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