London is the capital city of Great Britain.

At first I would say that there are too many tourists, so there are very long lines in front of all tourist attractions. It’s no wonder why, because there are really a lot of beautiful things, which you should see.

At first there are a lot of parks. There’re also a lot of shops on Piccadilly Circus, I can say that too many. There are also a lot of fast food restaurants, but not enough with healty food. But people seem very happy and healthy. They must walk too much because London is a very big city and there is a lot of traffic. There’re a lot of buses and taxis. But people go to work by tube because this is the fastest way.

In London you can’t see many dogs or cats. A lot of people live there just temporary because of their jobs or studies. There’re a lot of universities. There aren’t many old people. They live in areas near the city, where there are a lot of small houses.

People are very friendly and they respect everybody. That’s why I would like to live in this city.

by NIKA Č.M.


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