Places in Slovenia worth visiting



Today, I’m going to tell you about places that are worth visiting in Slovenia. There are too many to describe, so I’ll only write about three (also my personal best).


Koper is a city  in the south-west of Slovenia. It’s near the sea, so in the summer you can go swimming, surfing, sailing and so on. It also has a lot of sights you can see or visit. It’s a perfect place to visit at weekend and for relaxing.

Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana castle is a medieval castle on a hill in the center of Ljubljana. It has a clock-tower which you can visit and  there’s a beautiful view. In the middle of the castle, there’s a yard with a restaurant. There are also exhibitions from time to time.


Bohinj is a valley in Triglav national park. It has a large lake in which you can swim or ice skate in winter. It also has a ski run Vogel , one of the best for skiing. There are mountains around Bohinj, so you are free to climb them.

Gal Terzer, 8.a



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