• Put the verbs in brackets into the right form.
  • If you don’t stop (not stop) eating high-calorie food, you will gain (gain) weight.
  • Your mum __________________ (not like) it if you __________________ (dye) your hair pink.
  • You __________________ (get) sunburnt if you __________________ (stay) in the sun too long.
  • We __________________ (be able to save) some money if we __________________ (wait) for another week and __________________ (buy) things on sale.
  • If he __________________ (not feel) better soon, I __________________ (take) him to the doctor’s.
  • Sandra’s taking part in a singing contest. If she __________________ (win), she __________________ (take) us all to the new restaurant for lunch.
  • Don’t forget to buy something for the host family. You __________________ (make) a good impression if you __________________ (take) them a gift.
  • She skis too fast. If she __________________ (not be) more careful, she __________________ (cause) an accident.
  • If I __________________ (be) lucky, I __________________ (win) the jackpot.
  • If you __________________ (be) hungry, we __________________ (stop) for a takeaway.
  • Paraphrase the sentences using type 1 conditional clauses. More than one answer is possible.
  • I hope the weather will stay fine tomorrow, so that we won’t have to cancel our barbecue.

If the weather gets worse, we’ll have to cancel our barbecue.

  • Let’s go by plane. It’ll be faster than by train.

  • I might miss the bus. In that case I’ll have to call my mum to pick me up.

  • You’re late. I hope you won’t be late again next time. Otherwise, I’ll go home without you.

  • Do your homework regularly and study more. This way I’m sure you’ll be able to pass the exam.

  • I can’t find my mobile phone. I’m afraid I’ll have to buy a new one.

  • Follow me and you won’t get lost.

  • Laura should be here by now. I’ll wait for ten more minutes and then I’ll call her parents.

  • Look at those clouds. I hope there won’t be a storm. I don’t want to go home yet.

  • Our washing machine has broken down. I hope the repairman will fix it today. I really hate doing the washing by hand.

  • You’re going to bed early tonight so you’ll be able to get up more easily tomorrow morning.


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