Ghost story

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One year ago, l saw a newspaper article. It was about a haunted house. It also said that anyone who dares to go into the house and does not see a ghost gets 1000€. I thought a bit and then l realised that l could try this. So l called the phone number that l found at the end of the article. A man on the other side told me the location of the house and the time of the arrival. I caught a bus to Ptuj. Then l walked for an hour to come in front of the house. It was already dark. I was half an hour late, but l still went into the house. The house was giant and very old. The furniture was damaged and broken. Back then, l was a little scared. But then l heard a high voice. It said: »l’m Tina. The owner of this house.« l was so frightened. And then l heard some voices again, like some people were walking down the stairs. I could see a tall and pale woman. She was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was a mess. Behind her l could also see two kids. The first kid was two and the second was five. A woman spoke again: »We were murdered, but don’t worry, the murderer is in prison.« l was so excited that l just stood there. When l realised what was happening, l ran away as quickly as possible. When l came home, l couldn’t believe what l just saw. I didn’t tell anybody what l experienced.

Tia Knez, 7.a



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