A ghost story



It was Saturday evening and I took a walk trough the forest with my friends: Tia, Nika and Veronika. It was getting dark and we were lost. We were very afraid. Then Tia saw an abandoned old house. We decided to spend the night there and in the morning go back home. When we came to the house, the door was opened. We went in. All we could see was a bunch of spider webs and dust on the furniture. It was very scary. On the second floor we found an empty room. It was a nice girl’s room. In the drawer next to the bed there was an album. We opened it.  We saw a lot of pictures of a little girl who probablly lived there. On the last page of the album we found a lot of notes. We found out that this girl was killed for no reason when she was only six years old. There was a very shocking evening behind us so we went to bed. But then suddenly we heard a girl’s voice. We were very scared. There was a strange white light between the door. We could clearly see a little girl in a red dress with pony tail. We almost stopped breathing because of fear so we were just watching. The girl said that we have to leave her house right now. She didn’t have to say it twice because we ran out. We ran for half an hour and we didn’t stop even for a minute. The rest of our night we spent on the meadow.

Sara Matjaž, 7.a


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