Unit 7 – Grammar

Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in the brackets. Use the present perfect.

Ben:     What 1have you changed (you/change) in your room since your sister moved out?

Roy:     She 2____________________ (clear out) her old stuff and we 3____________________ (take) her bed out. My parents 4____________________ (buy) me a bigger bed. It’s great!

Ben:     Is the room still purple?

Roy:     Gosh, no! I always hated that colour! I 5__________________ (paint) it orange and blue.

Ben:     Orange and blue?

Roy:     Yes, it sounds crazy, but it looks fantastic. And I 6____________________ (take) down all her posters.

Ben:     What posters have you got there now?

Roy:     I 7____________________ (not put up) any yet. I might if I find some I like. And I 8___________________ (get rid of) the old curtains. I’ve got blinds on the windows now.

Ben:     That sounds cool! You 9____________________ (make) quite a few changes.

Roy:     Yeah. But you 10____________________ (not hear) the best part! I’ve got a brand new computer. It’s awesome!

Ben:     Lucky you. When can I come over?

Roy:     You can come now if you’ve got time.


What has changed? Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in brackets to help you.

  • The room was in a mess and now it’s all clean and tidy.

Mum has cleaned it.

  • I had a great camera. I haven’t got it any more.

(sell) I ___________________________________________________________________.

  • Everything was fine when we left. Look at the window now! There’s glass all over the place.

(break) Someone _________________________________________________________!

  • Greg and Mandy used to live in Leeds. They live in Bristol

(move) They _____________________________________________________________.

  • There was a sandwich in the fridge. It isn’t there any more.

(eat) Someone ___________________________________________________________!

  • When my dad was young, the water in the nearby river was crystal clear. Now it’s dirty and smelly.

(pollute) The factories ______________________________________________________.

  • There was a tree behind our house. It’s gone now.

(cut down) They __________________________________________________________.

  • My car broke down three days ago and I had to walk home from work. It works fine now.

(repair) The mechanic _____________________________________________________.

  • Harry didn’t have a car, but now he drives everywhere.

(buy) He ________________________________________________________________.

  • Barry was here two minutes ago, but he isn’t here any more.

(leave) He _______________________________________________________________.


 Write the sentences in the present perfect. Look at the example.

Simon’s parents went on a three-day trip two days ago. Yesterday Simon had a party at their house. He expected to have enough time to clean up. But the weather has changed and the parents are already back. They are shocked by what they see.

(There’s a red stain on the carpet.)

Mrs Silver: Oh, dear! Someone has spilt some blackcurrant juice on the carpet.

(Pieces of glass are scattered all over the kitchen floor.)

Mr Silver: 1__________________________________________________________________

(The bird cage is open and the parrot is missing.)

Mrs Silver: 2_________________________________________________________________

(There’s a smell of cigarettes in the air.)

Mr Silver: 3__________________________________________________________________

(There’s a hole in the curtains.)

Mrs Silver: 4_________________________________________________________________

(Simon’s hair is purple instead of brown.)

Mrs Silver: Simon! 5___________________________________________________________

(The fridge is empty. There was plenty of food there before they left.)

Mr Silver: 6__________________________________________________________________

Mr Silver: Simon!!! You’re grounded!


Write the sentences in the present perfect. Look at the example.

Mr and Mrs Gold come home from work. It’s their wedding anniversary and their three children wanted to surprise them. Mr and Mrs Gold are thrilled by what they see.

(There isn’t a mess in the living room.)

Mr Gold: Look! Someone has tidied the living room!

(There isn’t any dust on the shelves.)

Mrs Gold: And 1_____________________________________________________________

(The pile of clothes that had to be ironed is gone.)

Mr Gold: Oh, and 2___________________________________________________________

(Dinner is ready.)

Mrs Gold: 3__________________________________________________. How wonderful!

(There’s a cake in the fridge.)

Mr Gold: And 4______________________________________________. It looks delicious!

(The bathroom is clean and sparkling.)

Mrs Gold: Look! 5____________________________________________________________

(The dog smells nice.)

Mr Gold: And I think 6________________________________________________________

(There are flowers on the table.)

Mrs Gold: Wow! 7____________________________________________________________

I wonder who that someone might be.

The children: No idea!


Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in the brackets. Use the present perfect or the past simple.

  • Jack has lost (lose) his mobile and now he can’t call his parents. I could lend him mine, but he doesn’t know their phone numbers. I think he actually left (leave) his mobile at school yesterday. If so, he can get it back on Monday.
  • Betty ___________________ (call) the other day. She ___________________ (invite) us to her birthday party. I ___________________ (already buy) a present for her. I _________________ (choose) a nice scarf. I ___________________ (not wrap) it yet, though.
  • Last month John ___________________ (break) his leg while playing football. He had it in a cast for three weeks. Now his leg ___________________ (heal) and he can play football again.
  • I ___________________ (buy) a new pair of trainers. The old ones were worn out and torn. When I ___________________ (try) the new ones on, they were a perfect fit. I ___________________ (buy) them right away.
  • Kelly ___________________ (knit) a nice pullover last week, but she ___________________ (wear) it yet.
  • Mum ___________________ (just polish) her nails. She ___________________ (use) some polish from Poland. She ___________________ (like) her Polish nail polish, but now she ___________________ (run out) of it.
  • A: Oh dear! Someone ___________________ (break into) your house. Look! They ___________________ (open) all the drawers and your clothes are all over the floor!

B: No, that’s what my apartment usually looks like before the maid cleans it. And today she ___________________ (be) here yet.

  • Darren isn’t at home. He ___________________ (go) fishing with his granddad. They ___________________ (go) to the nearby lake early in the morning. Darren ___________________ (get) a fishing rod two weeks ago. He ___________________ (catch) anything yet, but he’s patient. When Darren’s dad was little, his father, Darren’s granddad, often ___________________ (take) him fishing, but this is the first time he ___________________ (take) his grandson. They’re both enjoying it very much.

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