Unit 7 – Grammar

  • Write complete sentences about Slovenian celebrations and superstitions. Use if for sentences 2–7 and unless for sentences 8–10.
  • you plant your flowers during the week before Palm Sunday / they grow well

If you plant your flowers during the week before Palm Sunday, they’ll grow well.

  • you sprinkle crushed eggshells from Easter eggs around the house / they keep the evil away

  • you get fern seeds in your shoes on midsummer night / you understand what animals are saying

  • you put the house key on the table at Christmas / the house be safe until next Christmas

  • a girl bring an even number of logs from the woodshed on Christmas Eve / she get married soon

  • you visit other people on Christmas Day / something bad happen to you

  • you eat bread left from Christmas on January 6th / you become extremely strong

  • Christmas not be white / Easter be white

  • you not put a loaf of bread on the table at Christmas / the family not be lucky and healthy

  • you not wear some new clothes on New Year’s Day / you not have any new clothes for a year


  • Match sentences 1–10 with the most appropriate responses a–j.
  • We’re going camping next week. Can you check the weather forecast for me, please?
  • Let’s have a party at my house on Saturday, shall we?
  • I want you to tidy your room before dinner. How you can find anything in this mess is a mystery to me.
  • You must be hungry after such a long journey. What do you fancy?
  • Why don’t you come to my house tomorrow evening? We can watch a film together.
  • See you tomorrow at grandma’s. What have you bought her, by the way?
  • What are your plans for your next holiday?
  • What are your plans for next Sunday?
  • Your grades have been low for some time and you’ve done nothing to improve them.
  • You’ve been to this pizzeria before, haven’t you? What do you recommend?


  • Let me see. I’ll have a pepperoni and cheese pizza and some garlic bread.
  • I’ve had quite a rough time lately, but I promise I’ll study harder.
  • Well, nothing really. She loves almond cupcakes so I’m going to bake some this evening and decorate them nicely.
  • Well, it says here it’ll be hot and sunny.
  • Well, I’m going to have a pepperoni and cheese pizza. I’ve been dreaming about it, it’s so delicious.
  • I’m sorry. It’s Friday 13th tomorrow and I’m going to stay in bed all day.
  • Sorry, I’ve got an exam coming up so I’m going to study all weekend.
  • I don’t have any, really. I think I’ll visit my grandparents or go to the cinema.
  • I’m going to travel around Africa. I’m studying hard to pass all my exams and saving every penny I can.
  • Actually, I can find everything I need. I’ll do it when I finish this project for school, okay?


1 d, 2 _____, 3 _____, 4 _____, 5 _____, 6 _____, 7 _____, 8 _____, 9 _____, 10 _____


  • Fill the gaps with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Our summer in Finland

Last summer we 1___chose___ (choose) Finland as our holiday destination not only because of its unspoilt nature but also because we 2____________________ (want) to see some of the unusual competitions that take place there.

At the beginning of July we 3____________________ (watch) the Wife Carrying World Championship where men, often in fancy dress, must carry a woman for about 250 metres through water and over different obstacles. The event 4____________________ (take place) every summer since 1992.

A few days later, we 5____________________ (cheer) for the teams in the Swamp Soccer Championship. It’s played like a normal football match except that players 6____________________ (sink) up to their knees or thighs into the mud while trying to run around. At the end of the match, they were all covered in mud from head to toe.

One of the silliest things we 7____________________ (ever see) was the Mosquito Swatting Championship. It 8____________________ (exist) since 1993. It 9____________________ (consist) of one simple event. Every contestant 10____________________ (get) five minutes to swat as many mosquitoes as possible. If you don’t know what’s going on, it 11____________________ (look) like a really weird dance. The winner is the one who gets the most mosquitoes, of course.

The last championship on our list was the Ant’s Nest Sitting Competition. Can you imagine sitting on an ant’s nest naked? We 12___________________ (have) great fun watching the competitors’ faces while they 13 ____________________ (try) to appear tough with tears in their eyes. It was just hilarious.

I hope we 14____________________ (go back) to Finland next year to visit the Rubber Boot Throwing World Championship. My brother 15____________________ (take) a size 43 in shoes, which is perfect for practising.


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