Unit 7 – Vocabulary

Complete the sentences with the expressions in the box. Look at the instructions.

cable         download         insert         instructions         on         off         plug         port         reader         switched (2x)

Bob:        Hey, Mike! I’ve taken some photos and now I want to see them on my PC. How can I do that?

Mike:      Why don’t you have a look at the 1instructions?

Bob:        I thought you’d know what to do.

Mike:      Alright, let me see. Is the computer 2_____________________?

Bob:        Yes. I 3_____________________ it on five minutes ago.

Mike:      And the camera? Is it 4_____________________?

Bob:        Of course not. I want to use it.

Mike:      It says here it must be off. See?

Bob:        Alright, I’ve 5_____________________ it off. Now what?

Mike:      Take the cable and connect the large 6_____________________ into the USB 7_____________________ of the computer.

Bob:        Which one?

Mike:      It doesn’t matter. Then 8_____________________ the small plug into the terminal of the camera.

Bob:        It doesn’t fit!

Mike:      You must have the wrong 9_____________________ then!

Bob:        Now what? This is the only one I’ve got!

Mike:      Are you sure?

Steve:     Hi guys. What are you doing?

Bob:        Hi Steve. We’re trying to 10_____________________ some photos from the camera. But we’ve just realized we haven’t got the right cable!

Steve:     Why aren’t you using the memory card 11_____________________?

Mike:      You’re right. Problem solved. Come on, Steve, let’s go. See you later, Bob!

Bob:        Hey, wait guys! I don’t really know what you mean by that .


  • Complete Joe’s email with the words from the box.
antivirus      backup      crashed      firewall      format      install      off      online      rebooted      switched     uninstall      worked

Hello, Jane.

I’m writing from Jeremy’s house. I’m here because he has allowed me to use his computer. This is really annoying. You know how much work I do on my computer and right now I can’t even use it. My brother borrowed it the other day and when he was playing a stupid game 1online (against some friends of his), he felt that it was too slow. To make it a bit faster he shut down the 2_____________________ program, 3_____________________ and everything! When I got back from my basketball practice the computer was switched 4_____________________ .

I 5_____________________ it on, but it took ages before it started. And even then, every program I tried to use, 6_____________________ within a minute or two. Nothing 7_____________________. I wanted to write my English essay, but I couldn’t. I thought I had too many programs installed, so I tried to 8_____________________ some I didn’t really need. I couldn’t. The computer 9_____________________ in the middle of the process. I tried hard to make it work, but in the end I had to 10_____________________ the hard drive.

I need to 11_____________________ the operating system again now and all the programs that I want to use. And all that because my brother prefers my computer to his own! Which is now also broken, by the way! I’m lucky it’s only been a week since I last made a 12____________________ on my external drive.

I must finish my essay by the day after tomorrow and I’ve just started working on it! Mr Brown won’t like it if I’m late again.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. I should get back to my essay now.

See you,


  • Look at the words and parts of words in the box. Put them together to make words that complete the sentences.









  • The wilderness is full of the unknown. You should be careful, some animals can be really dangerous.
  • When we destroy the environment, we _____________________ the animals that live there. Some species may survive, but others may disappear.
  • People don’t usually think of protecting snakes, but the king cobra is on the list of _____________________ species, just like the great panda.
  • I hate it when people throw away things that are still _____________________, just because they don’t look nice any more.
  • Use things again if possible. In other words: _____________________
  • Some waste materials can be made into new objects. We can _____________________ plastic, for example, that’s why we collect it separately from other waste.
  • Paper and glass are also _____________________. We can use waste glass to make new bottles and waste paper for new paper products.
  • These paper towels are made from _____________________ paper. That’s why they are greyish not white.





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