Unit 7 – Vocabulary


  • Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets.
  • My dad had two big __celebration__ (celebrate) for his 50th
  • I knew their ____________________ (marry) wouldn’t last. He was too jealous.
  • Where did you put the Christmas ___________________ (decorate)? I can’t find them anywhere.
  • I want my wedding ____________________ (invite) to be something special.
  • We were very worried when our cousin didn’t wake up after his __________________ (operate).
  • The wedding ____________________ (receive) took place in a luxurious hotel at the seaside.
  • My dad won’t admit it, but he’s rather ___________________ (superstition). He spits three times whenever a black cat crosses his way.
  • Unfortunately, a high ___________________ (percent) of marriages end in divorce.
  • Many people ____________________ (belief) that rain on a wedding day means the couple will have a lot of money.
  • Her _______________ (refuse) of his marriage proposal came as a blow to him and he was very upset.


  • Complete the text with the words from the box.
best man        bride        bridesmaids        engaged        groom        hen night        honeymoon        maid of honour        newlyweds        registry office        rings        stag night

In Britain wedding preparations start after a marriage proposal has been accepted. Traditionally, the man proposes to a woman he loves by going down on one knee and asking her to become his wife. If she accepts, they become 1__engaged__. After the engagement, wedding planning can begin.

First, the couple decide whether they want to get married in a church and have a church wedding or have a civil wedding in a 2________________. Then they draw up a guest list, book a venue for the reception and send out invitations.

The woman chooses her 3________________. These are usually her female friends or relatives and their job is to assist her on the wedding day. The main one is called a 4________________. The man chooses his companion, who is called a 5________________. Shortly before the wedding they both have their last separate parties as singles. The woman invites her friends to a 6________________ and the man and his friends have a 7________________.

On the wedding day the woman, now called a 8________________ arrives at the place of the ceremony, where usually the man, now called a 9________________ and the guests are waiting for her. If the wedding takes place in church, the bride is traditionally escorted to the altar by her father, who gives her away. During the ceremony the couple exchange wedding vows and 10________________ and thus become husband and wife.

After the ceremony, photos are usually taken of the 11________________ and the guests. Then the whole party goes to a reception where they celebrate with music, dancing and speeches. After the reception the couple usually go on a 12________________ to a romantic place.

  • Where would you hear the following phrases? Write the number of the phrase in the right box.
  • My condolences to you and your family.
  • If you blow out all the candles, your wish will come true.
  • Call the girls. Karen is ready to throw the bouquet.
  • Finally you’ll have more time to spend with your grandchildren.
  • With your excellent grades you won’t have any problems getting into a good University.
  • Many happy returns.
  • Will you come to Frank’s wake? It would mean a lot to his family.
  • Let’s raise our glasses to Betty and Tom. We wish you every happiness.
  • We will begin with honorary degrees.
  • I’ll miss everyone in this office.


retirement party
graduation party




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