Unit 8 – vocabulary

Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets.

  • The best detective novels always feature headstrong and gifted private investigators (investigate).
  • According to a well-known proverb, _____________ (honest) is the best policy.
  • He always twists the truth to suit his own needs. He’s such a skilled _____________ (lie).
  • Your sister is very popular. Do you know that she’s got two secret _____________ (admire) in our class?
  • It’s no use lying. Just tell the _____________ (true)! It’ll come out sooner or later.
  • Emma has been at our school for a year now but even her best friends don’t know very much about her private life. She’s very _____________ (secret).
  • Have you seen the ‘For _____________ (sell)’ sign on the Mayer’s house? It seems they’re moving but they haven’t said anything about it!
  • For _____________ (safe) reasons hard hats must be worn at all times in this part of the factory.
  • Unfortunately, many acts of _____________ (hero) from different wars, like those of the code talkers, have been forgotten.
  • Our school counsellors organize a series of workshops every autumn to prevent _____________ (violent) among students.
  • Certain verbs and nouns go together to make a short phrase. Put the expressions from the box into the correct column. Some expressions go in more than one column.

a bath       the bed       a cake       dark       an email       friends       good marks       home       homework       money       a nice time       notes       a party       a photo       a rest       a seat       someone a favour       the shopping       time off       the washing-up

make do get have take
a bath a bath      
  • Complete the sentences with expressions from Exercise 2.
  • I love window shopping with my friends but I’m not so keen on helping my parents to do the shopping on Friday afternoons.
  • I share my room with my older sister. She gets mad if I don’t __________________ as soon as I get up.
  • Could you __________________ and call my best friend? It’s urgent and my mobile has just died.
  • Our family is taking a mini-break at the seaside next week. We’re all very tired and we need to __________________.
  • The most depressing thing about winter is that it __________________ early in the afternoon. When it’s cloudy, it seems like there’s no daylight all day long.
  • Evie is such a lovely person, so open and easy-going. She’s very popular and she __________________ easily.
  • If you listen in class, participate in different activities and study hard, you’ll easily __________________.
  • When Chloe __________________ from school, she has to do some household chores and walk the dog.
  • It’s my birthday in three weeks’ time! I’m __________________ at my house. I’m going to invite lots of friends.
  • Students are expected to __________________ during lectures.
  • Match the words 1–12 with the explanations a–l.
1        chain store

2        manager

3        shopkeeper

4        customer

5        store detective

6        cashier

7        basket

8        trolley

9        flea market

10    stall

11    craft fair

12    charity shop

a        a person who buys things or services

b        a large basket on wheels that you can push or pull used for carrying things

c         a person who receives and pays out money in a shop

d        a person responsible for a large shop

e        a shop that sells things given by people to make money for a special cause or organization

f          a special table from which things are sold at markets

g        one of a group of shops owned by the same company

h        a market where you can buy old and used things cheaply

i          a person employed in a shop to make sure customers don’t steal anything

j          a container with handles for carrying things

k         the owner or manager of a small shop

l          an event where people sell objects they made themselves





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