I celebrated Carnival in Ptuj with my friends. The Carnival is celebrated to chase winter away and to return spring into the country. The tradition is to make a costume for the Carnival, but l have forgotten it at home. My friend saved me from this akward situation by giving me an old winter coat and than l looked like an old poor woman. I very appreciated that my friend gave me that coat, so l didn’t look stupid. The Carnival atmosphere was really nice and people were in a good mood. Everybody smiled and everybody was happy. Especially kids. They were singing with a singer and they were very excited to get small presents wrapped in a wrapping paper. The good mood continued but all of a sudden, snowflakes started to fall on the ground. Everyone got even happier than before. And than l looked at the ground for no reason and saw a diamond ring! I was confused how it got there. I picked it u in the air and looked at it closely. And then one woman started to scream that l stole the ring from her. I was defending myself saying that l picked it up from the ground and shem ust have lost it. My friends agreed with me, but she didn’t stop. Than the woman’s husband encroached  between us and he said that l really didnt’t come near them. the woman calmed down and apologised to me and l gave her back the ring. The celebration continued like nothing would have happened.

by Tia Knez


One day, we went to the carnival to Antarctica. It was vey cold, but we survived. We saw a lot of funny things. One man was actually wrapped into a wrapping paper and he was singing  songs. One woman was wearing such a big diamond ring that she needed two men holding her hand, because if they didn’t, she would fall. We saw a seal holding a ball on his nose and a penguin which was riding a seal and holding a ball as well. Even if I didn’t like the snow and cold, I would like the snowflakes. I watched them, when they fell on my phone and they were all different. But in the middle of the show, I went to the toilete and I saw a red and very old winter coat. Because I didn’t know who lost it I left it there. Then I heard that Santa Claus lost his coat. I ran back but there was so much snow already that the coat was all wet and cold. I went to Santa Claus and gave him his coat but he said that it wasn’t his. So I went to a man with similar coat and asked if he might have taken the wrong coat. We switched then, so I went to Santa Claus and gave him his coat so the carnival continued.


Simon’s Day is a day which is celebrated on the 27th of July. We celebrate it because on that day Simon Super invented school without homework. He is actually a 32 year-old man, who hated homework so much that he created a school withouth homework. He is a millionaire because his father laft im a lot of money. If you wanted to go to his school, you had to pay about 100$ a month. But now, 14 years after the first school without homework, every school is like that. Nobody remembers homework enymore. And I must admit that it’s great!!

by Nika Stojko


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