Yesterday Mike went to the town. He wanted to buy new sunglasses. He was in the Old Man’s Shop for about an hour before he finally found a pair he liked. They were in a modern shape and they were black and yellow. Without sunglasses Mike looked like an ordinary boy. He wasn’t the most beautiful boy in school, but when he put on that sunglasses he completely changed. His face transformed into a popular and attractive face. Also Mike was surprised how those sunglasses changed him and he was very happy. He decided in  a moment to buy them. They were quite expensive, but he didn’t care. All he could think of was what he will look in front of a girl he liked and that she’ll immediately fall in love with him. The next day the sun was shining, luckily for Mike. He went to school with with his new sunglasses. He looked for the girl he liked and when she came closer, she could see Mike’s new sunglasses. She said that her boyfriend has the same sunglasses and that he copies him to look cool. And that’s how Mike lost all friendship the two of them shared.


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