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The most ecological town is Loteco. This is a very ecological town and also its name explains it. Loteco is one of the many newer towns. They are built especially for the eco life. Loteco is the biggest one and also the strictest about the pollution. People drive only electrical cars. Cars on gas are forbidden. But most of the people who have their jobs close to their flat walk or cycle. In general people are very careful about the pollution and they really try to maintain the eco way of life. When it’s cold and peple need to warm up their flats, they use only the electricity that comes from the solar cells. The use of natural gas and oil is strictly forbidden. It’s very good to live in Loteco, because the air is so cleaner than in ordinary cities and the way of life is so much better. You quickly get used to the eco life and you really enjoy it. I hope in the future that on Earth there will be only cities like Loteco and that electrical cars will only exist. That’s the only way to stop polluting our planet and to live happily in good conditions, like people so many years ago.


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