Who’s who at OŠ Oskarja Kovačiča?


Our caretaker is one of the most important people at our school. I don’t know his name, because we all call him Mr. Caretaker. He helps us when we can’t find our cleaner, when we need help with computers, speakers … and also, of course, he fixes everything that doesn’t work. He starts early in the morning, when we’re still asleep. He doesn’t talk a lot. I think our caretaker is the most sought person in our school.

We also have a cleaner, her name is Zdravka. She’s very funny and she speaks a lot with us. She usually laughs and I guess she is a very positive person. She also starts with work early in the morning and finishes in the afternoon. She always takes care of our clothes boxes and she helps us to find stuff. She always wears blue ‘uniform’. I don’t know anything about her personal life.

I must mention our cooks because they always take care that we are not hungry. They’re very kind and quick. They always make us laugh. We’re very unadventurous when we choose our meals. They’re trying very hard for us, but sometimes we don’t like to eat what they prepare for us. They always wear white ‘uniforms’ and some of them wear a white cap, too. I don’t know their names either. I think that we will miss them next year.

Nika Černoga Mihelič, 9.a


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