The story takes place in a small village in India. There lived an 8 year old boy with his older sister.

The little boy was blind. One day his sister promised him that before he is 9, he will see again. They went to the city with their uncle. His sister saw a poster with a famous Indian actor who offered some donation for the operation of the blind people. They decided to run away from home, hoping to meet the famous actor.

Tha girl and her brother started an adventure which took them 300 km away from home. When they were travelling, they met a lot of friendly people who helped them. They sometimes travelled by bus or with their old friend who gave them a ride on his motorbike.

Finally they came to the place where a famous Indian actor was filming.There was a friendly man who told them where the actor is. He told them they need to go accross the desert for 7 km. When the blind boy and his sister walked accross the desert, they fainted because of dehydration. The actor apperaed out of nowhere and brought them to a hospital. There they healed both of children. And that actor paid for the little boy’s eye operation, before his 9th birthday.

He can see again now. He and his sister are living a wonderful life. They are happy together

 Žan Zrimšek 7.b


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