There was one tribe who lived in the desert in India. There lived a young girl called  Pari and her brother called Chotu. Chotu was blind. Pari led him. Their parents died in 2009. They lived with their uncle and auntie.

One day Pari and Chotu went to the cinema with their uncle. At the end of a film Pari saw a poster where it was written “Donate your eyes”. She took it.

When they came to the tribe she thought about her promise to her brother. She promised Chotu that he will see again before he his 9th birthday.

She heard the news that Sharuk Khan is shooting a film 300 kilometres from their home. He could do everything and help everyone. Pari and Chotu travelled through cities to get there. Sharuk Khan was an actor.

When they came there they heard some news about Sharuk Khan not being there. One of the men told them that Sharuk Khan is in the nearby city.

Because they wanted to find him as soon as possible they travelled through the desert. They had no water, so they passed out. Someone took them to the hospital. That man also paid for Chotu’s operation.

Now he is nine years old and he can see again.

Tim Veber, 7. b

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