• Write the sentences in a different way. Use the present perfect and just, already, yet or never.
  • The windows are clean, now she’s going to wash the curtains.

She’s already cleaned the windows but she hasn’t washed the curtains yet.

  • The baby fell asleep a few moments ago.

The baby has____________________________________________________

  • “I declare you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” (get married)

They’ve _________________________________________________________________

  • Tom doesn’t know how to bake a cake.

Tom has _________________________________________________________________

  • The animal programme started a few minutes ago.

The animal programme has___________________________________________

  • I’ve got four postcards from Tim from Canada but none from the USA. I hope to get some. (receive)

I _______________________________________________________________________

  • She doesn’t know what it feels like to break a bone.

She _____________________________________________________________________

  • The students must study the future tenses. They don’t know much about them.

They ____________________________________________________________________

  • The WEEE Man was installed in 2005 but it looks much better today. Paul Bonomini replaced and repaired some parts of the WEEE Man in 2009. (Paul Bonomini/improve)

Paul Bonomini ________________________________________________________

  • We started collecting waste electronic and electrical equipment for recycling last week and today we’ve got 850,000 tonnes of it.

We _____________________________________________________________________

  • Make questions to find out about the details.
  • A: He’s sent the story back to the studio.

B: When did he send it?

  • A: Mum’s gone to Canada to visit her brother Otto at long last.

B: Wow, when _______________________________________________________?

  • A: Luke has just bought a new pair of rollerblades.

B: How much ________________________________________________________?

  • A: Craig Foster has moved again.

B: Really? Where _____________________________________________________?

  • A: I’ve sold my trumpet.

B: Oh no, why ________________________________________________________?

  • A: She’s collected a lot of autographs.

B: How many _________________________________________________________?

  • A: The news team has dropped three stories.

B: Why ______________________________________________________________?

  • A: He’s lived in three different countries.

B: Which ____________________________________________________________?

  • A: Beth’s gone to Paris.

B: __________________________________________________________________?

A: By plane.

  • A: We’ve used lots of mobile phones and computer parts for our WEEE

B: __________________________________________________________________?

A: At the recycling centre.

  • Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets. Use the past simple or the present perfect.
  • A new cat café has opened (open) in our street. You can cuddle cats there. Two hundred and fifty people visited (visit) it on the first day.
  • A scientific team ___________________ (discover) fossilized bones of a giant snake. It ___________________ (be) about fourteen metres long, it ___________________ (weigh) a tonne and, fortunately, it ___________________ (live) fifty-eight million years ago.
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Kate and William) wax figures ___________________ (arrive) at Madame Tussauds, London. A team of thirty people ___________________ (take) four months to complete them.
  • A team of surgeons from Manchester ___________________ (use) 3D technologies during an operation. They ___________________ (use) special 3D glasses among other things.
  • A 93-year-old woman from Florida ___________________ (drive) the same car for 48 years. She ___________________ (buy) it in 1964 and ___________________ (drive) 900,000 km in it. She ___________________ (stop) driving recently because of her poor eyesight.
  • James Cameron, a Hollywood director, ___________________ (dive) to the deepest point on the Earth – about eleven km deep in the Pacific Ocean. He ___________________ (travel) in a specially built submarine. It ___________________ (take) him over two hours to get to the bottom and he ___________________ (stay) on the ocean floor for about four hours to explore it.

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