A ghost story


A ghost story

I was walking in the city. Suddenly, a big black Mercedes Benz ML 350 drove past me. Then, Mercedes turned and it started following me. I started running. A car was getting closer and closer and I had only one option. I turned to a graveyard. The car was still following me. At the graveyard, there were no lights. So I hid behind a tombstone. The car was driving towards me. It was 10 meters away and suddenly it ran out of gas. Mercedes stopped only 2 meters away from me. The door opened and a man got out. He was walking towards me, but I couldn’t move. He said: ”You are the one who stole iPhone 6s from my shop. It costs 750$ which is 681€. I work with Russian mafia so I’ve got a gun. Give me the iPhone or you will die.” I said:” You changed me with my twin brother. I didn’t steal a iPhone 6s.” And then, a strange light appeared behind me. It was a ghost. A man started shooting him, but all bullets went through his body.  The ghost was very mad and he started shouting. Me and the man started running. We both knew one thing. This graveyard belongs to that ghost. I knew where the police station was. So, I ran there and the man ran after me. A policeman took a man in prison. And I got money beacuse I caught him. I got 750$ which is 681€. So I bought iPhone 6s. I brought my old telephone to the graveyard like a gift to a ghost. I hope he is happy now.

The end

Aljaž Kurent, 7.a


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