Trip to Ptuj

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Trip to Ptuj

This year our generation went to Ptuj. We stayed at the small hostel. Every morning we had sports exercises and morning jogging before breakfast. After breakfast we had different activities. We visited the Ptuj castle and we also made a Kurent mask. We had many sports activities too. We played volleyball, table tennis; we climbed and also shot with bowls. After lunch we had free time every day. We could play cards or go out to play football, American football or volley-ball. One afternoon we visited a farm. There we saw pigs, cows and a dog. We also went to the forest. We were looking for small ground animals such as snails, earthworms, spiders and other. Then we discussed about these animals. On the last day my schoolmate Sara had birthday. We prepared a little party for her. Last evening there was a dance party.  On the way home we visited an old traditional Ptuj house.

I liked the trip very much.

Ajda Pirc, 7. a


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