Unit 7


Complete the sentences with the expressions in the box. Look at the instructions.

cable         download         insert         instructions         on         off         plug         port         reader         switched (2x)

Bob:        Hey, Mike! I’ve taken some photos and now I want to see them on my PC. How can I do that?

Mike:      Why don’t you have a look at the 1instructions?

Bob:        I thought you’d know what to do.

Mike:      Alright, let me see. Is the computer 2_____________________?

Bob:        Yes. I 3_____________________ it on five minutes ago.

Mike:      And the camera? Is it 4_____________________?

Bob:        Of course not. I want to use it.

Mike:      It says here it must be off. See?

Bob:        Alright, I’ve 5_____________________ it off. Now what?

Mike:      Take the cable and connect the large 6_____________________ into the USB 7_____________________ of the computer.

Bob:        Which one?

Mike:      It doesn’t matter. Then 8_____________________ the small plug into the terminal of the camera.

Bob:        It doesn’t fit!

Mike:      You must have the wrong 9_____________________ then!

Bob:        Now what? This is the only one I’ve got!

Mike:      Are you sure?

Steve:     Hi guys. What are you doing?

Bob:        Hi Steve. We’re trying to 10_____________________ some photos from the camera. But we’ve just realized we haven’t got the right cable!

Steve:     Why aren’t you using the memory card 11_____________________?

Mike:      You’re right. Problem solved. Come on, Steve, let’s go. See you later, Bob!

Bob:        Hey, wait guys! I don’t really know what you mean by that .

Complete Joe’s email with the words from the box.

antivirus      backup      crashed      firewall      format      install      off     online      rebooted      switched     uninstall      worked

Hello, Jane.

I’m writing from Jeremy’s house. I’m here because he has allowed me to use his computer. This is really annoying. You know how much work I do on my computer and right now I can’t even use it. My brother borrowed it the other day and when he was playing a stupid game 1online (against some friends of his), he felt that it was too slow. To make it a bit faster he shut down the 2_____________________ program,3_____________________ and everything! When I got back from my basketball practice the computer was switched 4_____________________ .

I 5_____________________ it on, but it took ages before it started. And even then, every program I tried to use, 6_____________________ within a minute or two. Nothing 7_____________________. I wanted to write my English essay, but I couldn’t. I thought I had too many programs installed, so I tried to 8_____________________ some I didn’t really need. I couldn’t. The computer 9_____________________ in the middle of the process. I tried hard to make it work, but in the end I had to10_____________________ the hard drive.

I need to 11_____________________ the operating system again now and all the programs that I want to use. And all that because my brother prefers my computer to his own! Which is now also broken, by the way! I’m lucky it’s only been a week since I last made a12____________________ on my external drive.

I must finish my essay by the day after tomorrow and I’ve just started working on it! Mr Brown won’t like it if I’m late again.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and say hi. I should get back to my essay now.

See you,


  • Look at the words and parts of words in the box. Put them together to make words that complete the sentences.
en-re- dangeruse





  • The wilderness is full of the unknown. You should be careful, some animals can be really dangerous.
  • When we destroy the environment, we _____________________ the animals that live there. Some species may survive, but others may disappear.
  • People don’t usually think of protecting snakes, but the king cobra is on the list of _____________________ species, just like the great panda.
  • I hate it when people throw away things that are still _____________________, just because they don’t look nice any more.
  • Use things again if possible. In other words: _____________________
  • Some waste materials can be made into new objects. We can _____________________ plastic, for example, that’s why we collect it separately from other waste.
  • Paper and glass are also _____________________. We can use waste glass to make new bottles and waste paper for new paper products.
  • These paper towels are made from _____________________ paper. That’s why they are greyish not white.


Read the text and complete the exercise.

Rabbit Plague in Australia

Balance in nature is very fragile. Even very small changes in nature can cause great problems. The story of rabbits in Australia is a good example of this.

Originally, there weren’t any rabbits in Australia. European settlers first brought them there in 1788. They kept them for food. Half a century later, more and more people started to breed rabbits and they became more common. But they didn’t present a problem for the environment because they lived in cages.

In October 1859 everything changed when a man called Thomas Austin set 24 wild rabbits free. Austin’s favourite hobby was hunting. He wanted to create a population of rabbits in Australia so that he could hunt them. He asked a relative in England to send him some grey rabbits. When he released them, he didn’t think there would be any problems. After that many other people also released their rabbits into the wild.

The conditions in Australia were very different from those in England: the winters were mild and there were no foxes or other natural enemies. This was ideal for a population explosion. Ten years later, two million rabbits could be shot every year and it didn’t really affect the overall population.

The ecology of Australia has changed a lot because of rabbits. Many animal species have disappeared because rabbits eat all their food. They also cause a lot of damage to farmers, because they eat too much grass on the pastures, so there isn’t enough food for sheep. They also eat everything that farmers grow in the fields.

People have tried to control the rabbit population in different ways. They have shot them, destroyed their holes and built a rabbit-proof fence, which is more than 3000 km long, in Western Australia. They have even introduced a virus. It killed about 500 million rabbits. The population of rabbits that survived recovered and soon increased again. Even today, Australians are still trying to control the rabbit population.

Glossary: rabbit plague – zajčja kuga, species – vrsta (živalska ali rastlinska), damage – škoda, release – spustiti na svobodo.

Choose a, b or c to complete the sentences.

  1. There are _____ rabbits in Australia

a. not enough

b. just enough

c. too many

  1. They first brought rabbits to Australia

a. to keep them as pets

b. for food

c. for hunting

  1. Thomas Austin was _____ who released rabbits.

a. the first person

b. the last person

c. the only person

  1. Rabbits cause damage because they _____.

a. eat the food in the houses

b. eat the food in the fields

c. attack other animals

  1. They have tried to shoot many rabbits to _____.

a. use them for food

b. sell them

c. make sure there aren’t so many

  1. The virus _____.

a. killed many sheep

b. killed many rabbits

c. killed all the rabbits

  1. Rabbits _____ in the pastures.

a. bite the sheep

b. play with the sheep

c. eat all the grass

  1. People _____.

a. still have problems with rabbits

b. solved the problem with rabbits in the 18th century

c. solved the problem with rabbits last year


Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in the brackets. Use the present perfect.

Ben:     What 1have you changed (you/change) in your room since your sister moved out?

Roy:     She 2____________________ (clear out) her old stuff and we3____________________ (take) her bed out. My parents 4____________________ (buy) me a bigger bed. It’s great!

Ben:     Is the room still purple?

Roy:     Gosh, no! I always hated that colour! I 5__________________ (paint) it orange and blue.

Ben:     Orange and blue?

Roy:     Yes, it sounds crazy, but it looks fantastic. And I6____________________ (take) down all her posters.

Ben:     What posters have you got there now?

Roy:     I 7____________________ (not put up) any yet. I might if I find some I like. And I 8___________________ (get rid of) the old curtains. I’ve got blinds on the windows now.

Ben:     That sounds cool! You 9____________________ (make) quite a few changes.

Roy:     Yeah. But you 10____________________ (not hear) the best part! I’ve got a brand new computer. It’s awesome!

Ben:     Lucky you. When can I come over?

Roy:     You can come now if you’ve got time.


What has changed? Complete the sentences. Use the verbs in brackets to help you.

  • The room was in a mess and now it’s all clean and tidy.

Mum has cleaned it.

  • I had a great camera. I haven’t got it any more.

(sell) I ___________________________________________________________________.

  • Everything was fine when we left. Look at the window now! There’s glass all over the place.

(break) Someone _________________________________________________________!

  • Greg and Mandy used to live in Leeds. They live in Bristol

(move) They _____________________________________________________________.

  • There was a sandwich in the fridge. It isn’t there any more.

(eat) Someone ___________________________________________________________!

  • When my dad was young, the water in the nearby river was crystal clear. Now it’s dirty and smelly.

(pollute) The factories ______________________________________________________.

  • There was a tree behind our house. It’s gone now.

(cut down) They __________________________________________________________.

  • My car broke down three days ago and I had to walk home from work. It works fine now.

(repair) The mechanic _____________________________________________________.

  • Harry didn’t have a car, but now he drives everywhere.

(buy) He ________________________________________________________________.

  • Barry was here two minutes ago, but he isn’t here any more.

(leave) He _______________________________________________________________.


 Write the sentences in the present perfect. Look at the example.

Simon’s parents went on a three-day trip two days ago. Yesterday Simon had a party at their house. He expected to have enough time to clean up. But the weather has changed and the parents are already back. They are shocked by what they see.

(There’s a red stain on the carpet.)

Mrs Silver: Oh, dear! Someone has spilt some blackcurrant juice on the carpet.

(Pieces of glass are scattered all over the kitchen floor.)

Mr Silver: 1__________________________________________________________________

(The bird cage is open and the parrot is missing.)

Mrs Silver: 2_________________________________________________________________

(There’s a smell of cigarettes in the air.)

Mr Silver: 3__________________________________________________________________

(There’s a hole in the curtains.)

Mrs Silver: 4_________________________________________________________________

(Simon’s hair is purple instead of brown.)

Mrs Silver: Simon!5___________________________________________________________

(The fridge is empty. There was plenty of food there before they left.)

Mr Silver: 6__________________________________________________________________

Mr Silver: Simon!!! You’re grounded!


Write the sentences in the present perfect. Look at the example.

Mr and Mrs Gold come home from work. It’s their wedding anniversary and their three children wanted to surprise them. Mr and Mrs Gold are thrilled by what they see.

(There isn’t a mess in the living room.)

Mr Gold: Look! Someone has tidied the living room!

(There isn’t any dust on the shelves.)

Mrs Gold: And1_____________________________________________________________

(The pile of clothes that had to be ironed is gone.)

Mr Gold: Oh, and2___________________________________________________________

(Dinner is ready.)

Mrs Gold: 3__________________________________________________. How wonderful!

(There’s a cake in the fridge.)

Mr Gold: And 4______________________________________________. It looks delicious!

(The bathroom is clean and sparkling.)

Mrs Gold: Look!5____________________________________________________________

(The dog smells nice.)

Mr Gold: And I think6________________________________________________________

(There are flowers on the table.)

Mrs Gold: Wow!7____________________________________________________________

I wonder who that someone might be.

The children: No idea!


Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in the brackets. Use the present perfect or the past simple.

  • Jack has lost (lose) his mobile and now he can’t call his parents. I could lend him mine, but he doesn’t know their phone numbers. I think he actually left (leave) his mobile at school yesterday. If so, he can get it back on Monday.
  • Betty ___________________ (call) the other day. She ___________________ (invite) us to her birthday party. I ___________________ (already buy) a present for her. I _________________ (choose) a nice scarf. I ___________________ (not wrap) it yet, though.
  • Last month John ___________________ (break) his leg while playing football. He had it in a cast for three weeks. Now his leg ___________________ (heal) and he can play football again.
  • I ___________________ (buy) a new pair of trainers. The old ones were worn out and torn. When I ___________________ (try) the new ones on, they were a perfect fit. I ___________________ (buy) them right away.
  • Kelly ___________________ (knit) a nice pullover last week, but she ___________________ (wear) it yet.
  • Mum ___________________ (just polish) her nails. She ___________________ (use) some polish from Poland. She ___________________ (like) her Polish nail polish, but now she ___________________ (run out) of it.
  • A: Oh dear! Someone ___________________ (break into) your house. Look! They ___________________ (open) all the drawers and your clothes are all over the floor!

B: No, that’s what my apartment usually looks like before the maid cleans it. And today she ___________________ (be) here yet.

  • Darren isn’t at home. He ___________________ (go) fishing with his granddad. They ___________________ (go) to the nearby lake early in the morning. Darren ___________________ (get) a fishing rod two weeks ago. He ___________________ (catch) anything yet, but he’s patient. When Darren’s dad was little, his father, Darren’s granddad, often ___________________ (take) him fishing, but this is the first time he ___________________ (take) his grandson. They’re both enjoying it very much.

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