1. Write a sentence to say when things happened or how long they have lasted. Use the words in the brackets and the past simple or the present perfect.

    1.  Julie lives in Montreal. (live / 2008)
    She has lived there since 2008.
    2.  Steve has already got his driving licence. (pass / his driving test / two days ago)
    He passed his driving test two days ago.
    3. Sharon has lost her MP3 player. (drop / somewhere in the park / yesterday afternoon)
    4.  Lilly is a doctor. (20 years)
    5. Harry and Vicky work in a toy factory. (work / 2005)
    6.  Roy and Ben have got an old computer. (not buy / a new one / ages)
    7.  Mike and Nick are good football players. (play football / six years)
    8.  Mandy has been here for half an hour. (arrive / at 2.30)
    9.  Kelly’s got a nice bicycle. (have / March)
    10.  Paul and Greg have already met Paula. (last Tuesday)
    11.  Judy is at home. (half an hour)

    2.  Complete the sentences. Use the present perfect and already, ever, just, never or yet.                                                                                                  1. The party should start in an hour or so and the room is practically empty.
    The guests haven’t arrived yet. (guests / arrive).
    2.  Dad is in the hall. He’s taking his shoes off.
    He _________________________________________________________ (come home).
    3.  Sheila’s bed is still messy.
    She ____________________________________________________________ (make).
    4.  Mary and Peter _________________________________ (ride) an elephant, but they rode a camel last year when they were in Morocco.
    5.  A: ______________________________________________ (try) bungee jumping?
    B: Yes, last summer. I screamed like crazy, but in the end I loved it.
    6.  I don’t know what sushi tastes like, but I ________________________________________ (try) snails. It was in France two years ago. I didn’t really like them.
    7.  Luke’s homework is complete and he’s putting his notebooks away.
    He __________________________________________________________ (finish).
    8.  David and Rob _____________________________ (steal) a thing in their lives. They aren’t thieves.
    9.  A: _______________________________________________ (travel) by boat?
    B: No, never, but I’ve travelled by plane several times.
    10.  Maggie has finished all the housework, but she _____________________________________ (do / shopping).

  1. Ask about experiences. Use the words from the box in the present perfect + ever.

be                break up               dye                 hitchhike                make        perform             publish                  receive                 shake           sprain

1 A: Have you ever been to the House of Experiments?
B: Yes, I have. We went there with our class last month.
2 A: _________________________________________ hands with a celebrity?
B: No, I haven’t. I’ve seen Bono though, but he was too far away.
3 A: _________________________________________ your ankle?
B: Yes, I have. I missed a step when I was going down some stairs. It hurt a lot.
4 A: _________________________________________ your hair?
B: Yes, I have, but not recently. This is my natural colour.
5 A: _________________________________________ an offensive e-mail?
B: You mean an e-mail in which someone calls me names, things like that? No, never.
6 A: _________________________________________ a poem or an article?
B: Yes, twice last year. Two of my poems were in our school magazine.
7 A: Your music is great! ________________________________ in front of a lot of people?
B: No, never. I couldn’t. I freeze even if I want to say something in front of our class.
8 A: ___________________________________________________________?
B: No, never. I would never get into a stranger’s car.
9 A: ______________________________________ a really bad decision that you regret?
B: No, not really. I mean, nothing I can’t live with.
10 A: _________________________________________ with someone?
B: You know I have. I broke up with Kate last year.


  • Complete the text with the words from the box.
bands       bassist       configuration       drum       ensemble       family       five-piece

keyboards       lead        lineup        name        quartet        section        vocalist

A music group or a musical 1 ensemble is a group of people who perform music together, either vocal or instrumental. They are usually known by a certain 2__________________.

In classical music a group of three musicians is called a trio and a group of four is called a 3__________________. The instruments in such groups can be from the same instrument 4__________________, for example string ensembles or wind ensembles, or the sounds of different musical instruments blend together.

Rock ensembles are usually called rock 5__________________. Typically, they include guitars and the 6__________________, which can be a piano, an electric piano, or a synthesizer. There is also a rhythm 7__________________ consisting of a 8__________________ kit and a bass guitar.

The number of members in a rock or pop group differs with four being the most common number. There are typically two guitarists – one 9__________________ guitarist and one on the rhythm guitar. The rhythm guitarist often also sings. Then there is a 10_________________ on the bass guitar and a drummer. Some examples of this 11__________________ are The Beatles, KISS and Metallica.

A slightly different yet also common formation is a 12__________________ (singer), electric guitarist, bass guitarist, and a drummer. Such are for example The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 or Coldplay.

Groups of five, or 13 __________________ bands are also quite common in rock music. A common 14__________________ in such bands is: a vocalist, a lead guitar, a rhythm guitar, a bass, and drums. Examples include the Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses.


Read the text and do the exercise below.

The Paralympic Games

The Olympic Games are a major international sports event. Thousands of athletes from all over the world participate in a variety of competitions. When the Games end, another event starts. It offers athletes with physical disabilities the opportunity to compete, do their best and achieve good results.

The Paralympic Games have become one of the largest sports competitions in the world. There are the Winter and the Summer Paralympic Games. They take place immediately after the Olympic Games and in the same city. The athletes compete in twenty sports at the Summer Paralympics and in five sports at the Winter Paralympics. The most popular paralympic sports are athletics, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby in summer and ice sledge hockey in winter. The athletes are divided into six categories, according to their disabilities

The values of the Paralympic Games are courage, determination, inspiration and equality.

wheelchair              basketball            a wheelchair race                   ice sledge                       hockey                          archery

There have been some incredible athletes in the history of the Paralympic Games. Here are only three of them.

Trischa Zorn is a blind swimmer from California. She is the most successful athlete in the history of the Paralympic Games. She has won 55 medals. Forty-one of them are gold.

Ragnhild Myklebust is a Norwegian nordic skier. She has won 27 medals, of which 22 were gold. She was successful in cross-country races, the biathlon, relays and ice sledge racing.

Neroli Fairhall, a paraplegic archer from New Zealand, was the first paraplegic athlete that participated in the Olympic Games. She was also the first athlete that participated in both – the Olympic and Paralympic Games. She competed in the 1984 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Los Angeles.

Choose the right answer.

  • Athletes who compete in the Paralympic Games
    • have problems with their bodies.
    • can’t speak.
    • are the best in the world.
  • The Paralympic Games take place
  • before the Olympic Games.
  • at the same time as the Olympic Games.
  • after the Olympic Games.
  • The Paralympic Games always take place
  • in the same city as the Olympic Games.
  • in a different city from the Olympic Games.
  • in a European city.
  • In the Summer Paralympic Games there are
  • five different sports.
  • twenty different sports.
  • twelve different sports.
  • The values of the Paralympic Games are
  • ambition and success.
  • faster, higher, stronger.
  • courage, determination, inspiration and equality.
  • Trischa Zorn has won
  • 55 gold medals.
  • 41 gold medals.
  • 14 gold medals.
  • Ragnhild Myklebust has won her medals
  • in three different sports at the Winter Paralympics.
  • in four different sports at the Summer Paralympics.
  • in four different sports at the Winter Paralympics.
  • In 1984 Neroli Fairhall
  • competed in the Paralympic as well as the Olympic Games.
  • won a gold medal in the Olympic Games.
  • won a gold medal in the Winter Paralympics.



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