Our trip to Strasbourg!

Our trip to Strasbourg!

 Our trip to Strasbourg started on Tuesday morning.

After a very very long drive in the bus we finally arrived at the hotel. We got sorted into our rooms and later went to dinner.

After that we went to sleep tired from the ride.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel then we got dressed for our visit to the European parliament.

We got to see a bit of the city on our way there too.

A couple of photos later a pleasant lady showed us to a room, where she told us all about the EU and the parliament. After the presentation Tanja Fajon came and took some pictures with us in front of the flags. I wish we could have spent more time with her but she had to leave and so did we. But before we left for lunch we went to the hall and listened to members of the parliament vote. We got headphones and could hear the translation in many different languages.

After that we left the hall to go to lunch. We had lunch in the parliament and we all enjoyed our dessert.

We hopped back on the bus for a short drive to the city centre. We walked around the city learning more about it. We saw a spinning bridge, beautiful houses, statues, the beautiful church and many more. It was time for a short break so we split up into small groups of six or seven and walked around the city alone for a bit. Most of us went to Starbucks and by most of us I mean all of us.

We walked around the city for a bit more and there it was time for a dinner break. And we definitely didn’t go to McDonald’s, that’s for sure.

So after we saw the city we went back to the hotel and went to bed.

The next day it was already time to go back home so we left early in the morning and started another long drive.

When we returned we went home and directly to bed, because let’s face it, who really slept at night 😉



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