Harry Potter and the Cursed Child








Harry Potter is now 37 years old. He and his wife Ginny have 3 children. The oldest is named James, the youngest is Lilly and the middle child and one of the main characters is Albus.

Albus goes to Hogwarts like his brother James. He is scared that he will end up in Slytherins house because Voldemort was there too. But his fear comes true. He ends up in Slideryn and there he meets his new best friend Scorpius. Scorpius is Draco Malfoy’s  son but the rumour is that he is Voldemort’s son. Because of the rumor Scorpius isn’t popular, in fact nobody likes him except Albus.

Albus is very upset that he is in Slideryn and he thinks that his dad is disappointed with him. So every year he draws away from his family, mostly his father. One year he and his father have a fight and he is upset with his father so much that he decides to repair his father’s mistake, so he will bring Cedric Digorry, the boy who was killed by Voldemort because of Harry’s mistake, back to life.

Next day is a first day of school and he plans his escape. He and Scorpious escape from a train and they go to the home of old Wizards and Witches where Cedric’s dad Amos is. There they meet Delphie and her uncle Amos Digorry.

They make a plan and they decide that Albus, Scorpious and Delphie will go to the Ministry of Magic and there they will steal the time-turner.  With a spell Albus turns in to Ron, Delphi to Rons wife Hermione and Scorpious to Harry. They enter the ministry of magic and they achieve to steal the time-turner with some problems. With the time-turner they go to Hagwards Forbidden Forest. In meanwhile Harry, Ginny, Draco, Ron and some more wizards are traying to find them.  While they are searching for them Albus and Scorpious  go to the past with the time-turner and Delphie goes back to her uncle.

While searching for his son Harry meest Ben, a leader of centaurs. He tells him  that in the stars he saw  that there is a black cloud around Albus. Harry is certain that the black cloud is Scorpious.

At the same time Albus and Scorpious arrive to the Triwizard Tournament in the year 1994 when Cedric died on the third task. They come to the first task where Cedric is trying to defeat the dragon. Albus makes a spell so Cedric’s wand disappears and suddenly the time-turner starts to shake and they go back to the future. They come to the Forbidden forest where Harry and the others find them and they take them back to Hogwarts. There Harry forbids Albus to hang out with Scorpious. But that isn’t the worst thing.  Albus and Scotpious aso changed the future. In this future Albus is in Gryffindor and Ron isn’t married to Hermione and also Harmione is now a teacher but before she was the minister of magic.

Albus and Scorpious are sad and they try to talk to each other but every time Harry finds out and separates them. One time they achieve to talk and they go to the past to fix the future. This time they go to the second task of the triwizard tournament. They go to the lake where the second task is and they make a spell on Cedric’s wand again. And the time-turner shakes again and they are back in the future well only Scorpious is and Albus doesn’t exist any more.

Scorpious is confused and scared and he finds out that in this future Voldemort is alive and that Cedric is one of his allies and the worst part is that Harry Potter is dead. He tries to go back to the past and with a help of professor Snape and Rone and Hermione he succeeds. He goes back to the second task and he brings Albus back. And they are back to the right future.

When they come out of the lake Harry and the others find them and take them back to Hogwarts. There Scorpious and Albus tell them every part of their journey and they lie that they lost the time-turner. After that they go back to Slidery house where Scorpius reveals the time-turner to Albus and they decide that they need to destroy it so they call Delphe.

When she comes she takes the time-turner from them and she takes them into the past where she tells them that she is Voldemort’s daughter. She goes back to the time when Harry’s parents were killed and she intends to kill Harry herself so Voldemort wouldn’t lose his power. When Scorpiou and Albus figure out her plan they send a message to the future with Harry’s blanket and a potion. Harry gets the message and immediately he and his mates go to the past with Drecos time-turner. There he succeeds to defeat Delphi and Volodemor loses his powers.

So they go back to the future where Albus and Harry visit Cedric’s grave and they start to listen to each other and grow closer as father and son.

by Mia Spiller


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