Complete the sentences with too much/too many/enough/a lot of/how much/how many.

e.g.There are too many toys on the floor, so Timmy can’t find his fire engine.

  • A: Have you got ___________ money? B: Yes, I have. Thanks.
  • Dad, I think that’s ___________ washing powder. Mum only uses half as much.
  • She puts ___________ cheese on her pizza. She likes it that way.
  • A: ___________ money do you spend on magazines and snacks every month? B:  ___________, I guess. I should probably save more for rainy days.
  • The bus is crowded. There are ___________ people on it.
  • A: ___________ spoons of sugar should I put in the pudding, mum? B:Two should be just right.
  • I need ___________ flour and eggs. I’m making pancakes for twenty people!
  • I have no idea _________ food we should buy. Are we going camping for three days or four?
  • My mum hates working with computers. She says there are ___________ problems with them.
  • A: I can’t finish my homework. I haven’t got ___________ time. B: That’s because you spend ___________ time at your computer. No more games today!
  • Can you please get me something from the supermarket, if it’s not ___________ trouble?
  • I don’t like this dress. It isn’t pretty ___________.

Complete the sentences with too much/too many/enough/a lot of/how much/how many and a word from the box. 

books     children     coffee     food     old jokes     mistakes     money     petrol     salt     water

A: How much money do you need? B: 20 euros will be enough, I guess.

  • There are ______________ on that shelf. It will break!
  • There’s _____________ in this soup! I can’t eat it!
  • You’ve made ______________ in your essay for a decent grade. You should work on your spelling if you want to improve your grades!
  • A: Is there ______________? B: Yes, don’t worry. We can drive all the way to London and back!
  • She drinks ______________ in the evening, that’s why she can’t sleep.
  • A: ______________ have they got? B: Seven. Quite a big family, don’t you think?
  • The guests were bored stiff. I guess he told them ______________.
  • There’s ______________ in the fridge. We don’t have to go shopping for days.
  • I don’t think this plant has got ______________. Look how dry it is.
  • Complete the sentences with too much/too many/enough/a lot of/how much/how many and another word. Sometimes more than one answer is possible.
  • The streets here are so busy and noisy! There is too much traffic!
  • A: ______________ do you need? B: Not a lot, just some pears, bananas and strawberries. I’m going to make a delicious       dessert.
  • This coffee is too bitter for me! There isn’t ______________ in it.
  • I’ve got ______________! I can write all afternoon and I still won’t finish!
  • ______________ have you got? Only three, but they’re nice, honest and understanding. And that’s what really counts.

Jay’s friend Ana comes from Mexico. Read the text below to learn more about her country. Then do the exercise.


Mexico is a country in North America. Its official name is the United Mexican States. Its capital is Mexico City. Mexico covers almost two million square kilometres. The country borders on the USA in the north and the Pacific Ocean in the south and the west. In the southeast it borders on Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea. In the east there is the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico has over 114 million people. It’s the 11th largest country by population in the world. Some people in Mexico are indigenous. It means that they have the cultural background of the original people of Mexico. They speak one of the indigenous languages. Others are descendants of the settlers who arrived in the time of the Spanish colonisation (16th–19th centuries). They speak Spanish. Mexico has got a pleasant climate and is a very popular tourist destination. One of the most popular tourist attractions is Mexico City. It was built in 1524 on the ruins of an ancient Aztec city. There are many tourist sites in Mexico City and around it. One of the most visited is Chichen Itza1, the largest Maya city on the peninsula of Yucatan, about a thousand kilometres from the capital. There is a famous temple there called El Castillo. It has the shape of a pyramid. The number of steps that lead to the top is the same as the number of days in a year. Mayan art reflected their culture and lifestyle. Their architecture ranged from very simple huts to magnificent temples. The Maya were famous for their mathematical and astronomical systems. They also developed writing around 300 BC. Many people believe that the Maya were an ancient civilisation and that they disappeared a long time ago. The truth is different, though. There are still many Maya people living in the same area as their ancestors. They still speak Mayan languages and respect their traditions.

Write T for true or F for false next to each sentence. Correct the sentences that are false.

Mexico lies in South America.

__________________________________________________________________________Mexico has five neighbouring countries.

__________________________________________________________________________Ten countries in the world have more citizens than Mexico.

__________________________________________________________________________Mexico is a popular tourist destination. __________________________________________________________________________Chichen Itza is near Mexico City.

__________________________________________________________________________El Castillo is an old Maya town with 365 steps.

__________________________________________________________________________ Many people still speak a Mayan language today.


  • Match the words in columns A and B. Then find the right definitions in column C. Look at the example.
1        department a        coaster 1       a building like a hotel but less comfortable and much less expensive, particularly for young people
2        bed and b        rank 2       a building where artists perform musical plays in which they sing most of the words
3        leisure c         hostel 3       a place where taxi drivers wait for passengers
4        art d        store 4       a fast train in an amusement park that goes up and down very steep slopes and around very sudden bends
5        golf e        rink 5       a place where football is played
6        tennis f          breakfast 6       a place where people meet and play golf
7        skating g        gallery 7       a place where people skate on the ice
8        football h        parlour 8       a very big shop divided into several different parts; they sell different things in each part of the shop
9        theme i          centre 9       a place where you can stay overnight and have breakfast the next morning, but other meals are not included
10    roller j          club 10   a building that keeps works of art on display for the public
11    taxi k         court 11   a place where people go to do sports and spend their free time
12    beauty l          pitch 12   a place outdoors where people go to have fun; usually the activities there are connected with one particular idea
13    youth m      house 13   a place where people play tennis
14    opera n        park 14   a place where you go for special treatments that make you look and feel better

Example: 1–d–8

  • Complete the sentences about places in town with one of the words in the box and one of the following: centre, hall, station. There are two words too many!

concert        dance        fire        garden        TV        health        petrol        police        post        radio      railway         sports           town

  • I know Mr Rogers. He’s is a reporter for the __TV station
  • You can play volleyball or go swimming at the ____________ ____________.
  • Greg is trained to put out fires and save people from burning houses. When he’s on duty, he stays at the ____________ ____________.
  • Jim’s on his way to the ____________ ____________. He’s got a bad cut on his hand and needs his bandages changed.
  • Nowadays nothing much goes on at the ____________ ____________. But in the past people went dancing there at least once a week. It was the place where young people met and had a ball.
  • We don’t need to stop at the ____________ ____________ yet. The tank is half full.
  • John is leaving for London in ten minutes. He’s standing on the platform at the ____________ ____________ waiting for his train to arrive.
  • Joe’s never been to a ____________ ____________ because he’s not a fan of classical music. He prefers going to rock concerts at huge football stadiums.
  • Some people are protesting in front of the ____________ ____________ against the new parking rules in the town centre. The Mayor is going to talk to them. I wonder if anything will change.
  • You can buy anything you need for your flower beds at the ____________ ____________. And if you don’t know what to do about your hedge, they can give you some advice.
  • Joe is a DJ at the local ____________ ____________. He often works nights and has many faithful listeners among nurses and night guards.

Rewrite the text. Replace the underlined expressions with the verbget and another word if needed.

In the morning I am out of bed before six o’clock. Then I put on my clothes. I have breakfast and prepare myself for school. At seven o’clock I’m already at the bus stop. As soon as I enter the bus, my best friend usually greets me. Whenever we meet, we talk about music. We both play in a band. When we leave the bus it’s about twenty past seven. Fred is in 7A and I’m in 8B, so we split up when we come to school. I don’t usually go home by bus. My mum picks me up in her car. As soon as I leave the car, my dog runs to me and I can hardly close the car door. And the minute we enter the house, he lies on the floor and I have to rub his tummy.

 In the morning I get up before six o’clock. …

  • Complete the following sentences with the verb get and one of the words in the box.

ahead      along      around      away      by      back      off      over      through      through

  • He’s lost the match and now he can’t __get__ __over__ it. He’s such a sore loser.
  • Whatever trouble you’re in, we’ll __________ __________ it together. You can always count on me.
  • What? I’m grounded for nothing while he can __________ __________ with anything! He is always skipping school and his room is a pigsty!
  • A: How are you with money these days? B: Oh, we can __________ __________. We’ve never had a lot anyway.
  • A: How does Lisa _________ __________ with her brothers?

B: Oh, you know, they often fight, but if she’s in trouble they always help her.

  • He wants to __________ __________ of others in the class, so he works twice as hard as his classmates.
  • You don’t really need a car in the city. It’s easy to __________ __________ on public transport.
  • It’s so difficult to __________ __________ to Sarah! Her phone is always busy!
  • Stop talking and __________ __________ to work!
  • Can you __________ this bug __________ my coat, please? It’s scaring me.

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