UNIT 2 – revision



Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in brackets.

Use the present simple or the present continuous.

Beth never has (have) lunch in the cafeteria, she brings her own packed lunch.
It’s such a lovely day today that all our neighbours ________________ (have) breakfast outside.
A: What are you doing?
B: I ________________ (have) a rest.

A: I’ve just baked a new cake. Care to try it?
B: Mmm, it ________________ (taste) really sweet.

A: Have you seen the chef?
B: Yes, he ________________ (taste) desserts in the kitchen.

A: Where’s Mary?
B: She __________ (look) at some photos in her room.

A: What do you think of this dress?
B: Wow! You ________________ (look) fantastic in it.

A: Where’s Mrs Whitby?
B: She ________________ (see) her dentist.

I ________________ (not see) Winston every week, but every other week.
A: Are you planning to buy a new laptop soon?
B: I ________________ (think) about it, but I haven’t decided yet.

A: Do you know if Alison will buy one?

B: Yes, I ________________ (think) she’ll buy a Mac.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the present simple or the present continuous.

A: I saw Sam in the local pub the other day. 1Does he work (he / work) there?

B: Yes, he does. But I think he only 2___________________ (work) there twice a week. He 3___________________ (try) to save some money for his trip to Spain. He 4___________________ (go) there in August.

A: What 5___________________ (you / read)? Anything interesting?

B: Just an email from a friend of mine from Australia. She says she 6___________________ (come) to Europe for the summer.

My mum often 7___________________ (cook) for the whole family. There’s a lot of us, so she 8___________________ (buy) a lot of food. When she 9___________________ (make) a stew, for example, she 10___________________ (get) four pounds of meat, two pounds of potatoes and about two pounds of various vegetables. She also 11___________________ (bake) a cake for dessert. The food is delicious and we all 12___________________ (enjoy) the meal.

A: Why 13___________________ (the dog / bark)?

B: I 14___________________ (think) someone 15___________________ (try) to get into the house.

Beth 16___________________ (usually / not do) anything during the holidays. At the moment she 17___________________ (lie) in the sun looking at a magazine.

Complete the sentences with the right question tags.
Danny’s flat is number three, isn’t it?
It’s got a balcony, ________________?
His neighbours are called Winston and Lorina, ________________?
Danny doesn’t usually take the lift, ________________?
There isn’t a stadium behind his block of flats, ________________?
He works for Karim on Saturdays, ________________?
Beth has just bought some socks for Andy, ________________?
The Pringles’ parrot sang in a competition last year, ________________?
Danny read about him in the local newspaper, ________________?
Winston has just come into the shop, ________________?
I’m not too late, ________________?
Let’s listen to some music, ________________?
Please open the window, ________________? It’s rather stuffy in here.


Read the text and do the exercise.

Three cases of incredibly small spaces

In the developed world we usually think bigger homes are better. Why is that? So we can spend years working very hard to pay for them? In many developing countries, living space is so expensive that people spend a lot of money to live in very small places. But, necessity is the mother of invention. Read on to learn about three examples of extremely clever use of space.

She isn’t an architect, but Brazilian Helenita Minho designed one of the narrowest houses in the world. Her home is one meter wide at the front and two metres at its widest end. The building is a real house with 2 living rooms, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a veranda. Helenita lives there with a family of six and a dog. At first, city officials were against construction, but agreed to it in the end.

Living spaces in Hong Kong are very small. Gary Chang has transformed his tiny one-room apartment into an eco-friendly home where space is cleverly used. With walls that can move he can transform his apartment in 24 different ways. Mr Chang hopes his innovations can improve domestic life in Hong Kong.

In Beijing, it is almost impossible to find an apartment that doesn’t cost a lot. Dai Haifei, 24, learned this after he got a job in the city. As he couldn’t pay for a flat, he built an egg-shaped mobile house and parked it outside his office. The 2-metre tall egg was made of bamboo, waterproof materials and wood shavings. It even had a window and solar panels to produce electricity. Inside were a bed, a bookcase and a water tank. Living in the egg was easy, because Dai worked until midnight each day and came home only to sleep or relax. He showered at a nearby gym and ate at nearby restaurants. Sadly, on December 1, 2010 the authorities decided that any building without a permit must be removed. Two days later, the egg was taken away while Dai was working. He only said that he would sleep at a friend’s house that night.

Complete the sentences.

In the developed world we like ________________ houses and flats.
In the developing countries even small houses and flats can be very ________________.
Helenita Minho lives in a very ________________ house.
Her house has got ________________ rooms and a ________________.
Gary Chang is an ________________ from ________________.
He has got a very ________________ flat.
Dai Haifei built his egg-shaped house because he didn’t have enough ________________ to pay for a flat.
He used ________________ and some other materials to build the egg.
He came home at ________________ every day.
He couldn’t live in the egg any more because he didn’t have a ________________.


Read the descriptions and complete the crossword.

5 A place where lots of fruit trees grow

7 A piece of equipment that you use to do the washing-up

8 A piece of equipment which running water comes out of

9 An underground room for storing things like vegetables, wine etc.

10 The room where you cook


1 The room where you sleep

2 A wooden, metal or wire structure that marks the borders of a property, for example it goes around a house

3 A piece of equipment that you use to bake meat, cakes or biscuits

4 A piece of equipment that you use to wash dirty plates, pots and cutlery

6 A storage space located under the roof

Use an English dictionary to explain these words in English.
a cottage – ____________________________________________________________
a detached house – ______________________________________________________
a semi-detached house – _________________________________________________
a terraced house – ______________________________________________________
a block of flats – ________________________________________________________
a tower block – ________________________________________________________

Describing people. Complete the table. Look at the example.
Adjective Description Noun
1 friendly describes a person who is pleasant, nice and kind friendliness
2 creative
3 intelligent
4 helpful
5 sincere
6 reliable
7 loyal
8 modest
9 strong
10 insecure
11 arrogant

Write the adjectives that best describe these people. Look at the example.
a person who is happy and cheers other people up cheerful
a person who loves adventure _____________
a person who is always full of energy and never tired _____________
a person who is often lost in his thoughts and isn’t very down-to-earth _____________
a person who has a rich imagination and original ideas _____________
a person who talks a lot _____________
a person who makes difficult decisions very quickly and doesn’t hesitate _____________
an adult person who behaves like a child _____________
a person who has a lot of ambitions _____________
a person who respects other people _____________
a person who always knocks things over or breaks them _____________


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