• Natural disasters. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

avalanche          drought          earthquake          floods          landslide          hailstorm          heat wave          volcanic eruption          tidal wave          tornado

  • I’ve never seen such a landslide. The rocks and the soil were coming down the hill at such speed it was almost incredible!
  • People in Africa are starving because there hasn’t been any rain for six months. The ____________________ has destroyed all the crops and the rivers have dried up.
  • A ____________________ hit the east coast yesterday. The winds blew at 200 kph. It was a terrible sight. It destroyed many buildings and caused a lot of damage.
  • Mount Etna has shown signs of activity today. The nearby towns were evacuated because the authorities fear another ____________________.
  • The temperatures all around Europe haven’t fallen below 32° C since last week. It looks like another ____________________.
  • The rivers have burst their banks. People are living in fear of ___________________.
  • All of a sudden, the sky turned dark and it got awfully chilly. Then the ________________ started. It lasted less than five minutes, but the damage was unbelievable. The balls of ice were the size of walnuts.
  • A terrible ____________________ shook Ljubljana in 1895. A lot of buildings collapsed and seven people died.
  • Two people were caught in an _____________________ under Jalovec last winter.
  • A tsunami or a ____________________ is a large wave caused by movement of the Earth under the sea.
  • Underline the most appropriate word.

 The title of a story in a newspaper is called a column / headline / editorial.

  • A cousin of mine writes a fashion article / report / column for a successful magazine.
  • There was a photo of Emma Watson with a young man and under it there was a caption / sentence / comment that said: “Who is her mystery man?”
  • I put a request / commercial / classified ad in the local paper because I wanted to sell my bike.
  • When my grandfather died we put a large notice / obituary / title in the papers.
  • Josh loves his job. He works as a foreign journalist / editor / correspondent for The Times.
  • A person who writes articles for a newspaper is called a journalist / writer / editor.
  • My dad always reads commercials / articles / captions about politics.
  • I’m in the habit of reading tabloids / comics / broadsheets at the hairdressers’ to find out what the rich and famous are doing.
  • Sunday morning is the best time to read the broadsheets / tabloids / magazines. You can spread them on the kitchen table and read important and serious news.
  • Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets. 
  • Mount Etna’s last eruption (erupt) didn’t cause a lot of damage.
  • My neighbour has decided to make a special 2____________________ (sculpt) from plastic. He went to the 3____________________ (recycle) centre last week and he got all the material he needed there. Who knows, he may become 4____________________ (fame) someday.
  • The town of Pompeii was destroyed by a 5 ____________________ (volcano) eruption. It was completely destroyed and many people6 ____________________ (death).
  • Writers often have to go to 7____________________ (meet) with their8____________________ (edit).
  • I love the news. When I grow up I want to be a 9____________________ (journal) or a TV 10____________________ (present).

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