• Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense. Use will future, going tofuture or the present continuous.
  • There’s a strong anti-pesticides campaign going on these years. I’m sure that in the future, food __will be__ (be) healthier than today.
  • Look at you. You’re freezing. I ______________________ (make) you some nice hot tea.
  • We’ve just got the invitation to Patty and Michael’s wedding. They ______________________ (get) married next month.
  • You better take an umbrella. Look at the sky! It ______________________ (rain).
  • A: What is the weather forecast for tomorrow?
  • B: I think it ______________________ (snow) again.
  • Experts say that 30 years from now, robots ______________________ (do) almost all the housework for us.
  • A: Why don’t you come with me to the football match tomorrow afternoon?
  • B: Sorry, I can’t. We ______________________ (have) a rehearsal for the school play after lunch.
  • A: Alicia has bought a new dress.
  • B: ______________________ (she / wear) it to the prom?
  • A: You bet! Why do you think she bought it?
  • A: Larry, turn off the computer! When ________________________ (you / start) learning maths? The test is in three days.
  • B: Yeah, dad. Don’t worry. I won’t get a D this time.
  • Don’t wait for me. I ______________________ (probably / be) late.
  • Put the verbs in the correct tense. Use the present simple, the present continuous, the past simple, the past continuous, willfuture or going to.

Haris Vučkić 1__is__ (be) a Slovenian footballer, who currently2_________________ (play) for Newcastle United in the English Premier League. He 3_________________ (be) born in Ljubljana in 1992 and4_________________ (grow up) in Domžale. Both he and his older brother Alen 5_________________ (spend) most of their after-school time on the football field. While their peers 6_________________ (chat) online or7_________________ (play) computer games, the two brothers8_________________ (run) after the ball trying to score as many goals as possible. At the age of 16, Haris 9_________________ (already / play) in Slovenia’s first league. His football skills 10_________________ (impress) everyone. A year later, he 11_________________ (sign) his first contract with Newcastle United and in January 2011 a second one. This time for five and a half years.

Here’s a news item about Haris from a sports magazine, May 2012.

Haris Vučkič 12_________________ (not play) much at the moment. He13_________________ (suffer) from another knee injury. Unfortunately for him, he 14_________________ (miss) the rest of the season in order to heal properly. As soon as he recovers, he 15_________________ (start) training really hard again as he wants to join even more prominent football clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona one day. He hopes there16_________________ (not be) any major injuries in the future.


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