• For each situation write one sentence with the present perfect simple + for and one with the present perfect simple + since.
  • We’ve got a caravan. My parents bought it in 2004.

We have had a caravan since 2004

We have had a caravan for years.

  • David and Mary are married. They got married five years ago.
  • My mum doesn’t eat bread. She stopped eating it last June.
  • He’s ill. He fell ill a week ago.
  • Sue works as a doctor. She started working in a hospital in 2006.
  • Alex is my best friend. We met three years ago. (know)
  • Make sentences with the superlative, ever and the present perfect. Use the words in brackets to help you.
  • Greg’s my friend. (good / have)

He’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

  • This exercise is a piece of cake. (easy / do)

  • She’s a very friendly person. (nice / meet)

  • What an amusing story! (funny / hear)

  • This is a really boring film. (bad / see)

  • She has very high goals. (ambitious person / know)

  • Sally’s boyfriend gives her expensive gifts. (generous / she / have)

  • Japanese is a difficult language. (hard / learn)

  • These shoes are killing me. (least comfortable / wear)

  • My sister is very neat. (tidy person / know)


Read the text and complete the exercise.


Many people often lose contact with nature because they are too busy. So when they go on holiday, they look for unspoilt nature. Some special areas can be found in every country or continent. New Zealand is no exception, but here the beautiful sights are everywhere. The main problem then is choosing what to do.

If you have about four months of holiday, you can walk along Te Araroa, a pathway that runs from the north to the south of New Zealand. It is 3000 km long. You will come across thick forests and green farmland. There are impressive mountain ranges and glaciers, rivers and lakes. Some parts of the coastline are rocky but you will also find sandy beaches. Many animals and plants are unique to this country.

If you don’t feel like walking, you can go on a boat tour around both islands. You can also go whale watching from the North or the South Island. The sperm whale is probably the biggest star. It can be seen all year round on the east coast of the South Island.

Water is never far away in New Zealand. Relaxing activities include diving, snorkelling, surfing or sailing. More adventurous visitors can go rafting or kayaking. But the most exciting sport to try is black-water rafting. It is practised in the north, in Waitomo Caves. Participants flow down an underground river using an inflated rubber tube. The water looks black, of course, as the only light comes from your headlamp.

A dry visit of Waitomo Caves is also available for less brave travellers. Visitors take a boat and they can admire small stars on the cave ceiling. The stars are in fact tiny animals, called glowworms, found only in New Zealand.

New Zealand, the best place for sport and nature fans, is also the world centre of adventure tourism. You can do whatever you can think of. Have you ever heard of heli-biking, river surfing or off-roading? What about abseiling or sandboarding? Why don’t you visit the Nevis swing or go jet boating? No matter what you choose, you will always discover something new and unexpected. 

Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?

1         Modern people are connected with nature.    
2         Every part of New Zealand is very beautiful.    
3         You need about 120 days to walk along Te Araroa.    
4         There are no mountains in New Zealand.    
5         There are lots of special animals and plants.    
6         You can watch whales only from the South Island.    
7         You can do lots of water sports in New Zealand.    
8         People who go black-water rafting travel in black boats.    
9         The stars on the ceiling of the cave are actually very small lamps.    
10     Glowworms live in many different countries.    
11     You can try many unusual adventure activities in New Zealand.    



  • Complete the sentences. Use a word from the same word family as the word in brackets.
  • Mass __emigration__ (emigrate) from European countries to the USA was caused by war and poverty.
  • Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, is a paradise for _________________ (surf); the water is warm and the waves are guaranteed to be good.
  • Guide: “Please, don’t forget to take all your personal _________________ (possess) when you leave the coach.”
  • The owners of the castle had to sell their most _________________ (value) paintings and furniture about a hundred years ago to keep their land and the castle.
  • Emily is in seventh heaven. She’s telling everyone about her _________________ (engage) to her college sweetheart.
  • Craig’s family moves all the time. He has to try hard to adapt to new countries but he’s still always a _________________ (foreign).
  • If you lack _________________ (confident), you won’t be very successful in this job.
  • Ruby works for a well-known fashion house. She’s showed me previews of their spring _________________ (collect) and I think it’s fabulous.
  • London has more than 7 million _________________ (inhabit).
  • Illegal _________________ (immigrate) is a serious problem for many countries.
  • Types of books. Translate the words for different types of books into Slovenian.

Write 1–2 sentences about each type of book. Use the prompts below.

  • My favourite … is …
  • My favourite … was …
  • I never/rarely read …
  • I used to read … but …
  • I can’t stand …
  • I love/enjoy reading
1        picture book slikanica
2        short story
3        fairy tale
4        ghost story
5        thriller
6        detective story
7        science fiction
8        romance
9        novel
10    biography
  • Types of films. Write a film title next to each type of film and add a short description of the film (2–3 sentences).
animated film Shrek; Shrek is an ogre who loves living alone in his swamp. When his peace is disturbed by several fairy tale creatures he decides to reclaim his territory from Lord Farquaad. The film is about his adventures and his love for the princess Fiona.
horror film
action movie
romantic comedy
historical drama
war film
science fiction
  • Types of TV programmes. How often do you watch TV? Which TV programmes are your favourite? Write 1–2 sentences next to each type of TV programme.
  • I often/rarely/never … watch …
  • My favourite … is … It’s on at … on …
  • I love/like/hate watching …
documentary I often watch documentaries on National Geographic Channel but also on other channels. My favourite ones are about nature, especially plants. I also love watching some documentaries about animals like Animal Superpowers, for example.
chat show
soap opera
game show
reality show
current affairs

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