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The most ecological town is Loteco. This is a very ecological town and also its name explains it. Loteco is one of the many newer towns. They are built especially for the eco life. Loteco is the biggest one and also the strictest about the pollution. People drive only electrical cars. Cars on gas are forbidden. But most of the people who have their jobs close to their flat walk or cycle. In general people are very careful about the pollution and they really try to maintain the eco way of life. When it’s cold and peple need to warm up their flats, they use only the electricity that comes from the solar cells. The use of natural gas and oil is strictly forbidden. It’s very good to live in Loteco, because the air is so cleaner than in ordinary cities and the way of life is so much better. You quickly get used to the eco life and you really enjoy it. I hope in the future that on Earth there will be only cities like Loteco and that electrical cars will only exist. That’s the only way to stop polluting our planet and to live happily in good conditions, like people so many years ago.




Yesterday Mike went to the town. He wanted to buy new sunglasses. He was in the Old Man’s Shop for about an hour before he finally found a pair he liked. They were in a modern shape and they were black and yellow. Without sunglasses Mike looked like an ordinary boy. He wasn’t the most beautiful boy in school, but when he put on that sunglasses he completely changed. His face transformed into a popular and attractive face. Also Mike was surprised how those sunglasses changed him and he was very happy. He decided in  a moment to buy them. They were quite expensive, but he didn’t care. All he could think of was what he will look in front of a girl he liked and that she’ll immediately fall in love with him. The next day the sun was shining, luckily for Mike. He went to school with with his new sunglasses. He looked for the girl he liked and when she came closer, she could see Mike’s new sunglasses. She said that her boyfriend has the same sunglasses and that he copies him to look cool. And that’s how Mike lost all friendship the two of them shared.



I celebrated Carnival in Ptuj with my friends. The Carnival is celebrated to chase winter away and to return spring into the country. The tradition is to make a costume for the Carnival, but l have forgotten it at home. My friend saved me from this akward situation by giving me an old winter coat and than l looked like an old poor woman. I very appreciated that my friend gave me that coat, so l didn’t look stupid. The Carnival atmosphere was really nice and people were in a good mood. Everybody smiled and everybody was happy. Especially kids. They were singing with a singer and they were very excited to get small presents wrapped in a wrapping paper. The good mood continued but all of a sudden, snowflakes started to fall on the ground. Everyone got even happier than before. And than l looked at the ground for no reason and saw a diamond ring! I was confused how it got there. I picked it u in the air and looked at it closely. And then one woman started to scream that l stole the ring from her. I was defending myself saying that l picked it up from the ground and shem ust have lost it. My friends agreed with me, but she didn’t stop. Than the woman’s husband encroached  between us and he said that l really didnt’t come near them. the woman calmed down and apologised to me and l gave her back the ring. The celebration continued like nothing would have happened.

by Tia Knez


One day, we went to the carnival to Antarctica. It was vey cold, but we survived. We saw a lot of funny things. One man was actually wrapped into a wrapping paper and he was singing  songs. One woman was wearing such a big diamond ring that she needed two men holding her hand, because if they didn’t, she would fall. We saw a seal holding a ball on his nose and a penguin which was riding a seal and holding a ball as well. Even if I didn’t like the snow and cold, I would like the snowflakes. I watched them, when they fell on my phone and they were all different. But in the middle of the show, I went to the toilete and I saw a red and very old winter coat. Because I didn’t know who lost it I left it there. Then I heard that Santa Claus lost his coat. I ran back but there was so much snow already that the coat was all wet and cold. I went to Santa Claus and gave him his coat but he said that it wasn’t his. So I went to a man with similar coat and asked if he might have taken the wrong coat. We switched then, so I went to Santa Claus and gave him his coat so the carnival continued.


Simon’s Day is a day which is celebrated on the 27th of July. We celebrate it because on that day Simon Super invented school without homework. He is actually a 32 year-old man, who hated homework so much that he created a school withouth homework. He is a millionaire because his father laft im a lot of money. If you wanted to go to his school, you had to pay about 100$ a month. But now, 14 years after the first school without homework, every school is like that. Nobody remembers homework enymore. And I must admit that it’s great!!

by Nika Stojko

Pi Day



Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Pizza is nice,
With picle and rice!
Picture is pink,
I have a link,
It’ll show you
that you really stink!
Pig is a mess,
I have to pass,
That test of the year,
I’ll study on pier!

by Ana Fortuna & Company

Places in Slovenia worth visiting



Today, I’m going to tell you about places that are worth visiting in Slovenia. There are too many to describe, so I’ll only write about three (also my personal best).


Koper is a city  in the south-west of Slovenia. It’s near the sea, so in the summer you can go swimming, surfing, sailing and so on. It also has a lot of sights you can see or visit. It’s a perfect place to visit at weekend and for relaxing.

Ljubljana castle

Ljubljana castle is a medieval castle on a hill in the center of Ljubljana. It has a clock-tower which you can visit and  there’s a beautiful view. In the middle of the castle, there’s a yard with a restaurant. There are also exhibitions from time to time.


Bohinj is a valley in Triglav national park. It has a large lake in which you can swim or ice skate in winter. It also has a ski run Vogel , one of the best for skiing. There are mountains around Bohinj, so you are free to climb them.

Gal Terzer, 8.a





London is the capital city of Great Britain.

At first I would say that there are too many tourists, so there are very long lines in front of all tourist attractions. It’s no wonder why, because there are really a lot of beautiful things, which you should see.

At first there are a lot of parks. There’re also a lot of shops on Piccadilly Circus, I can say that too many. There are also a lot of fast food restaurants, but not enough with healty food. But people seem very happy and healthy. They must walk too much because London is a very big city and there is a lot of traffic. There’re a lot of buses and taxis. But people go to work by tube because this is the fastest way.

In London you can’t see many dogs or cats. A lot of people live there just temporary because of their jobs or studies. There’re a lot of universities. There aren’t many old people. They live in areas near the city, where there are a lot of small houses.

People are very friendly and they respect everybody. That’s why I would like to live in this city.

by NIKA Č.M.

The Fault in Our Stars


                    The Fault in Our Stars

John Michael Green was born on the 24th of August in 1977. He grew up in Orlando, Florida. At first he started as a you tube blogger, and later became a writer. The fault in our stars is one of his best and most recent works and was published in 2012.  He now lives in Indianapolis with his wife and two children, Alice and Henry Green.

This book is about a girl named Hazel Grace Lanchester. She is 17 years old and lives with her parents in Indianapolis. They discovered she has cancer when she was 13 years old. Things weren’t looking good for her back then, but her life went on as normal as it could.

Augustus Waters, called Gus was a cancer survivor. He was a year older than Hazel and was healthy for a year and a half, before things got bad again. He was a handsome young man who because of cancer only had one leg. An Imperial Affliction is a book, written by Grace’s favorite writer Peter Van Houten. In her opinion, he is the only person who knows what it is like to be dying and hasn’t actually died yet.

The fault in our stars could be a love novel, although it isn’t just about love. I think what the author was trying to tell us, is that life isn’t always a wish granting factory.

It all started when Hazel met Augustus Waters at a support group, a group where sick children talk about their feelings. They start hanging out and eventually  they became very good friends. Sparks were included. They shared everything with each other, even their wildest dreams. Hazel told him how she always wanted to meet Mr. Van Houten, who moved to Amsterdam after he wrote The Imperial Affliction. Like all children who had cancer, Gus and Grace had a dying wish. Although Grace already spent hers, Gus did not. He somehow managed a trip to Amsterdam for himself and his favorite girl. But because of Hazel’s health problems, her mom decided to go with them.They only stayed there for three days, but had an amazing time. Though it turned out the author was actually a drunk and not the same man he was when he wrote that novel, the trip was fantastic. There were also many romantic moments there, and the two of them finally got together. When they came home August told Hazel the cancer was back. His health became worse day by day, and they both knew they haven’t got much time left with each other. Augustus Waters died a month later. As he always wanted, he left his scar in this world.

I read The Fault in Our Stars because my friend recommended it to me. She did mention the end of the story which was as Hazel always says “a big spoiler alert”. But reading it was still quite exciting. This was actually the first book I have read before watching the movie and I suggest you do the same. The thing I probably love most about it is that it doesn’t have a happy ending.
The quote from the book that stayed with me is: “Some infinities are just bigger than the others”. I think that author wanted to tell as that even the shortest of moments can be infinite. 🙂

by EVA

Home life

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Home life

For a tourist who stays with a family in Slovenia,  life’s usually exciting. I am going to tell you how it would be if you stayed with the Terzer-Zerjavs in their house at the edge of Ljubljana.

During the week, the day starts at about 6.30 in the morning. My brother and I get up and have breakfast. When we go to school, our parents wake up. I have lunch in school, but I can also eat something at home. In the evening we have a light dinner together. After that we usually watch the news or go to sleep early. At the weekend we sometimes go to our relatives, but we often stay at home and do some work around the house. We often do a lot of things on our own, so we are a work-like family.

by  Gal Terzer, 8.A

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Home life in Slovenia

Hi, I’m Eva and I’m going to write about some routines of Slovenian families that are present in my family.

Everything starts between 6 and 7 o’clock during the week. It depends on the beginning of parent’s jobs. For instance, my mom wakes up at 6:30 a.m. She first makes coffee and some breakfast. My father usually gets up 15 minutes later, and they eat their breakfast together. At around 7 my sister and I wake up as well and join them. I always have bread, butter and honey, or cereal. Although I’m a teenager I don’t drink coffee. Coffee isn’t popular in primary school yet. My mom leaves home first and about one hour later I leave as the second one. Because school is quite close, I don’t need to take the bus, which many of my classmates do. I usually come home between 1 and 2 p.m.

In Slovenia, for most people, work ends between 3 and 4 o’clock in the afternoon. When parents come home a lot of families have lunch together. I can’t say anything about dinner, cuz we don’t eat it together at my home. There are just too many activities each of us has. But we do gather around in the evening, usually in front of the TV. I love watching TV in the evening, especially in the winter.

During the weekends people in my country do their housework or go on  trips.
I personally like going out for afternoon walks, go to the city by my bike or just  watch a film in the cinema.