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From London with LOVE



15 students from our school were chosen to visit London this year. Everyone was excited about that trip. We counted down days until the day we left.

On 6th October we met on the airport Ljubljana. Our flight was at 22.40. Some students flew for the first time. It was so hilarious watching them.  We arrived to London around midnight after their time. On British airport we said hello to the officers and then took the bus to the hotel. Our hotel had 4 stars and it was beautiful. We were very tired but some of us stayed awake a bit more then we should and that happened every night. But the rules are meant to be broken so we broke them. We had the best teacher with us so she let us be us so we had some amazing nights :).

On the first day we visited Greenwich. After that we had some free time and we went to fish and chips. If we are honest we didn’t really like it but we survived :P. Then we went to the boat trip. From the boat we saw a bunch of buildings which are important but we don’t actually know how. But we saw some structures that we know are important as London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben. After that we visited a museum with dinosaurs and then we went to Madam Tussaud. The wax sculptures were pretty much realistic. We really enjoyed. In the evening our school decided to go to the theatre. We watched a musical called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The story and the whole production were magnificent, although the start wasn’t that convincing. We are so thankful to Mrs. Bosnić because she had the strength and will to take 15 little smurfs to that theatre without our guide Robi (ata Smurf). She became mama Smurf for one night :P.

The next day we went to Trafalgar Square and to Buckingham Palace. We spent the afternoon time on the Oxfort Street. There were enormous numbers of shops and famous brands. The girly girls really enjoyed there but then there’s Sara and she just had to suffer a bit and get over it but after that we went eat and she was happy again :’). We made our way to China Town. We had free time there and we bought some souvenirs.

Then there is already our 3rd day. Because of marathon in London we went to chocolate factory in Birmingham. They represented us the history of chocolate beans. The best thing was when they gave us melted chocolate with different topics which you choose on your own. We also went to Cambridge and Oxford.

We spent our last day in the spirit of shopping because we went Camden market. We spent quality time there shopping for clothes and souvenirs. At 13.30 we went to airport by bus. There we said goodbye to the officers and went to the plane. We landed in Venice at about 20.00. and from there everything went down. We became sad because we had to go to Ljubljana.

All of us enjoyed this trip soooo much and it was an unforgettable experience. Everything was mega fantastic from the company, places that we visited, food, and also the teachers were awesome.

We would like to thank Mrs. Bosnić for this unforgettable experience that she gave us. This was the best time of our primary school. We hope that also other generations will be able to visit London, but we know that they can’t beat us with awesomeness  ;).

Sara Matjaž & Tia Knez