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American pancakes – recipe





Rezultat iskanja slik za american pancakes



4 cups of flour

2 eggs

4 cups of milk

baking powder


6 teaspoons of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt

hand-held blender

3 bowls (big, medium and small)

a tablespoon

a wooden spoon

a frying pan

a ladle


Put the flour, salt and baking powder in the bowl for dry ingredients and mix them with a tablespoon. Separate the yolk from the egg white and put them in different bowls: yolk in the bowl with wet ingredients. Put egg white in the small bowl and mix it with blender until it changes into whipped egg white. Add sugar and milk to yolk and then mix it (with blender). Add them together and put it to the bowl with dry ingredients. Mix all ingredients with wooden spoon.

Put some butter into a frying pan and preheat it. Put one ladle of mixture on the hot frying pan. Fry it until the bubbles come out of the mixture, then turn and fry it until it becomes gold-brown.


by Timotej Gadžijev, 6. b



Rezultat iskanja slik za environment


Hi! I’m Tia and l’m really concerned about the future of our environment. Every day, I’ noticing more and more garbage on the floor. Also in the mountains. I really think we should try to tell people in what a terrible position our environment is.

First by, we should tell people how important it is to put trash into a garbage bin and not onto the floor. We don’t want to go for a walk and all we would see is trash which can also be dangerous for animals.

Secondly, I think that we should decrease our need for plastic bags. Every time we go in a store, we take a new bag and that’s not OK. We should reuse plastic bags and when they rip apart, we should put them in trash for plastic. But it would be even better if we started using cotton bags.

People can also decrease pollution of the environment by walking to local shops or to friends. If people used their cars less, that would be a big plus for the environment. And at the same time we would get some extra exercise.

I hope that in the future pollution will decrease, because if not our children and grandchildren will live in horrible conditions. Air will be very dirty with a lot of smoke and ashes and grass and woods will be all destroyed. I think that none of us wants that and we should start to make decisions that are good for the environment now.

Tia Knez, 9. a