The New Life


Once upon a time, there was a 15-year old boy who wanted to delete his past life because his dad left him and his mum with his brother when he was only 3 years old. He also wanted to forget his brother’s accident from 3 years ago. He was determined to forget everything, so he started working on a micro chip in school, which would make everyone forget about him and he would only remember the chip but not anything else like his friends or family. It took him 3 months to first try out the chip and it didn’t work. After another 2 months he tried the chip again and he forgot only the past week. But after another month, he tried the chip for the third time and it actually worked. He felt like he was left alone on the deck of a small streamship. It was strange, almost unbelievable thet he felt somehow happy because even though he couldn’t remember what he wanted to forget, he was happy that he did. The sun was beating down. He is staying on the deck of this ship that will lead him to much prettier memories, he decided. The humming of the water filled with new memories overwhelmed him, he understood it: he will need to make his first big decision about the new life without the past far away from people he used to know and far away from his past.

Nika Stojko, 9.a


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