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Ljubljana, my city



Ljubljana is the capital and the biggest city in Slovenia. It has approximately 272 000 inhabitants. The biggest attractions of Ljubljana are Ljubljana castle, Open Kitchen, ZOO and Rožnik. It’s also well known by the famous architect Jože Plečnik.

Ljubljana castle is a medieval attraction. It was built in the 12th century. 200 years ago the castle was used as a prison and a partial military fort. Nowadays it’s used for weddings, culture events and exhibitions.

Open Kitchen is an event that happens on Fridays from March to October. Every Friday the best restaurants from Ljubljana and the surrounding area come to Pogačarjev square. There they sell food on stalls. I love this event because it’s interesting for tourists in Ljubljana and also for all of us who live here.

The Ljubljana ZOO has a lot of interesting animals like elephants, giraffes, seals, tigers, snakes,…  you can celebrate your birthday here and then you and your friends can stroke and feed animals.

Rožnik is a popular promenade hill. On the top, there is a church and an inn. During the years of 1910 – 1917 Ivan Cankar lived on a farm where there is an inn today. On the 30th anniversary of his death, there was placed the statue of him.

Jože Plečnik was a very famous architect. He was born on 23rd January 1872. He designed the library NUK, promenade in Tivoli, Three Bridges, Žale cemetery,… he died on 7th January 1957, when he was 84 years old.

Tia Knez, 7. a


A ghost story



It was Saturday evening and I took a walk trough the forest with my friends: Tia, Nika and Veronika. It was getting dark and we were lost. We were very afraid. Then Tia saw an abandoned old house. We decided to spend the night there and in the morning go back home. When we came to the house, the door was opened. We went in. All we could see was a bunch of spider webs and dust on the furniture. It was very scary. On the second floor we found an empty room. It was a nice girl’s room. In the drawer next to the bed there was an album. We opened it.  We saw a lot of pictures of a little girl who probablly lived there. On the last page of the album we found a lot of notes. We found out that this girl was killed for no reason when she was only six years old. There was a very shocking evening behind us so we went to bed. But then suddenly we heard a girl’s voice. We were very scared. There was a strange white light between the door. We could clearly see a little girl in a red dress with pony tail. We almost stopped breathing because of fear so we were just watching. The girl said that we have to leave her house right now. She didn’t have to say it twice because we ran out. We ran for half an hour and we didn’t stop even for a minute. The rest of our night we spent on the meadow.

Sara Matjaž, 7.a

My ghost story



One day my friends and I decided to go into a haunted house because we wanted to show that we’re not afraid. It was about 11 p.m. and this house was really close to our school. We went inside because the door was open. We were just walking all around and we suddenly heard something. We held our hands and turned around, that’s when we saw a ghost! He was so scary, all white and he was coming after us so we started to run. We were so scared and we fell a lot of times because of our fear. But we helped each other and went out of the house really fast. I was never so scared in my life! After that we had a sleepover because we were too scared to sleep alone and the next day we were just laughing at all of this.

It was a really great and scary experience.


Natalija Mikić, 7.a

Ghost story

prenos (1)


One year ago, l saw a newspaper article. It was about a haunted house. It also said that anyone who dares to go into the house and does not see a ghost gets 1000€. I thought a bit and then l realised that l could try this. So l called the phone number that l found at the end of the article. A man on the other side told me the location of the house and the time of the arrival. I caught a bus to Ptuj. Then l walked for an hour to come in front of the house. It was already dark. I was half an hour late, but l still went into the house. The house was giant and very old. The furniture was damaged and broken. Back then, l was a little scared. But then l heard a high voice. It said: »l’m Tina. The owner of this house.« l was so frightened. And then l heard some voices again, like some people were walking down the stairs. I could see a tall and pale woman. She was wearing a green T-shirt and jeans. Her hair was a mess. Behind her l could also see two kids. The first kid was two and the second was five. A woman spoke again: »We were murdered, but don’t worry, the murderer is in prison.« l was so excited that l just stood there. When l realised what was happening, l ran away as quickly as possible. When l came home, l couldn’t believe what l just saw. I didn’t tell anybody what l experienced.

Tia Knez, 7.a


My holidays in Turkey



We go to Croatia every year,  but last year we went to Turkey. We went by plane. Our flight was two hours long. It was very boring on the plane. When we landed, we took a bus to a hotel. We drove through the city. My family and I couldn’t believe that Turkey is so poor. When we came to the hotel,  we rented two rooms. First they gave us a room which wasn’t very clean. After that they gave us a nicer room. The food and the staff were very good and friendly. Every evening we watched different shows and plays. One day the staff brought a camel to our hotel. We could ride it. It was an amazing experience. We stayed there for two weeks. We had a great time.

Sara Matjaž

A famous zoologist



Tony Grey was born in Australia. When he was a child, he loved reading books about animals, especially about sharks. When he was old enough, his father bought him a very special birthday gift: diving in a cage with sharks. From then on, he wanted to be an expert on them. He finished school about animals. He had his first job at the shop with accessories for animals. When he saved a bit of money, he made his first short film which talked about sharks’ lifestyle and their nutrition. Then he got a job at the Shark Centre. After that, Tony wrote his first book. It sold really well. Tony is famous now. He is married and he has three children. He still writes books and he travels all over the world to teach children and adults about sharks.

Tia Knez, 7.a